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How much is a smart portable - held inkjet printer?

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How much is a smart portable - held inkjet printer?

How much is a smart portable - held inkjet printer?

With the small hand-held inkjet printer becoming more and more popular in the domestic market in the past two years, its price is gradually concerned by the public, but the price is only an indicator in the process of purchasing products or services. It is also affected by quality, service and reputation. What is the price range of the small hand-held inkjet printer? What are the characteristics of small handheld inkjet printer? Let's take you to the following details:

How much is a small hand-held inkjet printer

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There are many types of inkjet printers, and there are several types of handheld inkjet printers, so it depends on your requirements for inkjet. For those with large characters of more than 2 cm, you need to choose a large character handheld inkjet printer. If you want to type within a few millimeters to 2 cm, you need to choose a high-resolution handheld inkjet printer. Small characters can refit the nozzle with a handle into a handheld, but the body is large and inconvenient to move the body. So different handset prices are different. The equipment shall be determined according to the use requirements.

What are the characteristics of small handheld inkjet printer

1. Printing accuracy: 600dpi;

2. It has the functions of handheld mode printing and pipeline mode printing

3. Spray printing font: dot matrix or high-definition spray printing font (i.e. print);

4. Inkjet fonts: a variety of Chinese and English fonts are built in the inkjet printer;

5. Spray printing graphics: various trademark patterns can be sprayed, and the graphics transmission is not limited by the length width ratio and length;

6. Line number grade: 1 ~ 15 lines of English and numbers, 1 ~ 8 lines of Chinese characters, large and small fonts can be sprayed, and one machine can be used for both purposes;

7. Character height: any character or graphic can be sprayed within 2 ~ 12.7mm height;

8. Automatic printing: date, time, batch number, shift and serial number;

9. Store information: up to 1000 pieces of information can be stored.

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