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How to make one product one code land in the factory quickly?

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How to make one product one code land in the factory quickly?

How to make one product one code land in the factory quickly?

Today in 2021, one thing and one code are accepted by more brands, manufacturers and consumers, because the implementation and experience of one thing and one code have greatly improved the efficiency of commodity circulation. For consumers, they can quickly establish contact with enterprises and understand the whole life process, authenticity information and marketing activity information of products. For enterprises, it improves the ability of enterprises to obtain data and visual decision-making. However, how to land has always been an industry problem. Today, Shanghai Danmajet will share with you about the factory side, How to make one product one code land quickly!

1. Use inkjet printer or other means to realize basic product identification.

The popular understanding is that each item has a unique identity. This identity is similar to a person's ID card. It can contain the basic information of the product and some expansion information, such as raw material information, production and processing information, production process flow, inspection and inspection information, warehousing and logistics information, distribution and circulation information, etc.

These carriers of one object and one code information are our common QR codes, most of which are QR codes, which can display all kinds of English and numbers. On the potential profit traceability SaaS cloud platform, variable codes can be generated through rule setting. Each code is unique and encrypted to prevent copying and counterfeiting.

How can we implement these codes generated by the platform on the product? We realized by means of ink-jet printer, laser marking machine, anti-counterfeiting label, integrated printing of packaging materials, etc. consumers or users can quickly query commodity information by scanning the two-dimensional code of packaging or products, such as authenticity query, participating in marketing activities (receiving red envelopes, points), etc.

2. Automatic production line transformation and system integration at the factory end are the top priority.

The mission of potential profit is to make trust easier with Internet of things technology! Since its establishment in, it has cooperated with more than 1500 enterprises, including various building materials (pipes, wires and cables), daily chemicals (daily necessities, cosmetics), drugs (common drug packaging), electronics (3C electronics, mobile phone screen, fingerprint identification), circuit boards (PCB hard board, FPC flexible circuit board), etc.

High Speed Variable Data Inkjet Printer

In the production process of these products, many links need to be gone through, such as raw material procurement, processing and production, sub packaging and packaging, warehouse warehousing, warehouse outbound, market circulation, etc. In these links, in order to ensure the quality of each link, realize digital and transparent production and processing, and ensure product yield, manufacturers need to improve and optimize the automatic production line, from the selection of automatic coding equipment to non-standard customization of visual inspection and motion control, A team is needed for scheme design and implementation.

One of the key points of one object and one code is to select a suitable inkjet printer. There are many kinds of inkjet printers, including small character inkjet printer, high-resolution inkjet printer, laser inkjet printer, heat transfer printer, etc. These inkjet printers are applied in different scenes and environments, which can form a more durable, corrosion-resistant and Characters or patterns resistant to high temperature.

After selecting the appropriate inkjet equipment, we need to collect the data of the printed two-dimensional code (variable code for one object and one code). The acquisition needs an industrial camera. The data collector is an industrial imaging system with high information recognition rate, high fault tolerance and high stability. In the process of batch acquisition, the unreadable information is marked and serialized, Cull and upload information in the later section.

3. Mature industrial control acquisition correlation system and strong platform support realize rapid landing

After the code generation and product identification of SaaS cloud platform are completed, our importance in collecting association control system is highlighted. Generally, level 3 or 4 Association will be used at the factory end, that is, from the package, box, bag and bottle of the smallest sales unit to the whole box, to the whole support and stack. These information are related to each other at different levels. By holding a PDA or industrial camera, we can scan one of the goods to obtain all the associated products. These data will also be uploaded to the cloud platform in real time for visual display through statistical analysis, so as to provide data decision-making basis for enterprise managers.

The mature industrial control system can help us quickly realize differentiated scheme design in the face of various types of production and processing enterprises. Strong platform support, after the test of time, can carry more data and materials, help enterprises accumulate big data for a long time and realize more value mining. As an enterprise deeply engaged in the traceability and identification field of the Internet of things, Danmajet will uphold the original intention, help more production enterprises and factories carry out digital transformation, provide more reliable and perfect industrial identification information solutions, and enable one thing and one code to help more enterprises develop rapidly and better.

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