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Medical Packaging Variable Coding UDI Traceability Codes Inkjet Printer

  • VDHS127

  • Danmajet

Medical Packaging Variable Coding UDI Traceability Codes Inkjet Printer

  1. The print heads
    A) Using ink jet TIJ2.5 generation technology, a single print nozzle print height is 12.7 mm.
    B) A maintenance free disposable, print heads, long life print heads can print one Litre of ink.
    2. The resolution and speed
    A) High resolution printing for bar code, 300* 300dpi to 600*600dpi.
    B) Can realize high-speed printing, the printing speed is from 30 meters/minute to 304 meters per minute.

  2. Hardware technology details
    1.Size of the controller:415 mm * 415 mm * 90 mm
    2.The largest print Height:A single Controller is maximum of 50.8 mm(with four print heads),
    If six joint maximum is 304.8 mm(with 24 pics print heads)
    3.The weight:6 kgs
    4.Interface:A serial port, Ethernet front-end ports, magic eye, encoder interface, print nozzle interface.
    5.Spray printing precision and the corresponding print speed:
    60 m/min (600 x 600 dpi)
    90 m/min(600 x 300 dpi)
    120 m/min (600 x 200 dpi)
    150 m/min (600 x 150 dpi)
    6.Ink system
    Ink cartridge,ink bag, ink system
    7.The sensor
    Support multiple external sensors (NPN, contact type)
    300 ppi synchronizer
    9.The power supply requirements
    Single phase, 110-120 vac 50/60 hz 3.2 A
    Single phase, 220-240 vac 50/60 hz 1.6 A
    10.The work environment
    Temperature 0 ℃ to 40 ℃, humidity 10% ~ 80%
    11.Storage environment
    Temperature 15 ℃ ~ 85 ℃, humidity 5% ~ 95%, no condensation environment.
    12.Software technology parameters


 3.The operating system
    X Windows, Windows 7, Windows 8 (pro)
   Support the Dynamic text, counters, date, dynamic bar code, static text, pictures, (dynamic bitmap, need to         customize)

Support Bar code type
1d: EAN128, Code25, Code39, Code93, Code128, GS1Databar various one dimensional code;
2 d: PDF417, Data Matrix, Maxi Code, the QR Code and QR Code.

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