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The advantages of UV digital inkjet printer for security and anti-counterfeiting

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The advantages of UV digital inkjet printer for security and anti-counterfeiting

The advantages of UV digital inkjet printer for security and anti-counterfeiting.

Main advantages of enterprises purchasing UV inkjet printer

1. With the rapid development of Chinese enterprises, the demand for some high-tech content is increasing. Then most domestic equipment is difficult to meet the production needs of enterprises, which seriously hinders the development needs of enterprises and economy. In the face of this development and implementation, China's relevant industries strengthen their own development, so as to continuously improve the inkjet printer technology and stronger sales capacity. All the marks on the outer packaging of products are printed or code sprayed, and the film packaging is no exception. The film packaging material code spraying machine can be applied to many industries and high efficiency. The greater the share of plastic packaging products in the market.

2. The sales volume of intelligent UV inkjet printer has increased recently, which shows its style at the exhibition. Enterprises and merchants can get more discounts when purchasing machines on site. At the label printing technology exhibition, Arnold Jie is the inkjet printer manufacturer with UV color inkjet printer among many inkjet identification equipment. Therefore, it has won the attention of many visitors and subscribers, and attracted waves of consulting and ordering upsurge.

Roles of UV digital inkjet printer in security and anti-counterfeiting

1. Since ancient times, salt is directly related to people's livelihood, and the state attaches great importance to it. Our daily life is inseparable from salt, but since modern times, industry has developed rapidly, and salt has a certain demand in industrial production, so industrial salt has appeared. Because of its low price, many bad businesses sell industrial salt instead of edible salt. As we all know, industrial salt is harmful to human body, and table salt and industrial salt can not be distinguished only by naked eyes. Therefore, the state has strengthened the supervision of edible salt, and building and improving the salt traceability system has become an urgent task, The carrier connection function of salt UV inkjet printer in salt security and anti-counterfeiting can not be ignored.

2. Some time ago, under the reports of the news media, several cases of fake and shoddy salt flowing into the market under the operation of bad merchants were exposed. After that, people's attention to salt anti-counterfeiting increased instantaneously. After all, everyone will be exposed to salt, and the state has also actively taken solutions to this problem. Salt UV inkjet printer also follows the construction of salt traceability system and settles down on the salt production line to contribute to people's salt safety.

3. In terms of salt safety traceability, the state plans to complete the transformation of production lines of all designated salt production enterprises by the end of 2017, realize full information collection and connect with the national salt traceability platform. Salt UV inkjet printer will also be added to the production in this transformation to emit light and heat in the construction of salt electronic anti-counterfeiting traceability system.

To sum up, the above articles hope to help you with the main advantages of enterprises purchasing UV digital inkjet printer and its roles in security and anti-counterfeiting.

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