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The overview of Digital label press

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The overview of Digital label press

The wide application of labels and the continuous development of label varieties naturally promote the development of label printing technology. Label printing covers all printing methods such as flat, convex and concave screens. The application of different countries is not the same Digital printing in Europe and the United States has become a new bright spot of label printing, is also the development trend of label printing.


Here is the content list:

Classification of digital label printing.

Digital label printing multi-process combination

Features of digital label printing


Classification of digital label printing

There are many kinds of label printing inks. According to the different solvents used, they can be divided into three categories -- water-based label printing inks, solvent-based label printing inks and UV label printing inks:

(1)The water-based ink safety, health, pollution-free, in line with environmental requirements, conducive to human health; However, there are also disadvantages, such as slow drying speed, low color saturation, poor stability, and so on. It is not suitable for printing large area on the field, and it is easy to precipitate and stratify for a long time.

(2) Solvent-based label printing ink has strong adaptability to label materials, stable performance and high printing quality; However, there are environmental pollution problems and some volatile solvents are harmful to human health.

(3)UV label printing ink has excellent performance, reliable quality and wide application range; But the price is on the high side, and special drying equipment is needed, and there are certain requirements for supporting materials.


Digital label printing multi-process combination

Effective anti-counterfeiting function: with a label on the product use a variety of printing process effect, especially in some easy to counterfeiting of cosmetics and food packaging label with this way of printing, can let the consumer glance through the label products of true and false, so as to safeguard the interests of product manufacturers and consumers, also won the excellent reputation for printing Improve the quality of printed matter: the combination of multiple processes is to combine the advantages of variousprinting processes together, so this combination of printing can ensure the printing effect of printed matter to the greatest extent, so as to meet the increasing sensory requirements of people, and improve the printing quality of the printing plant, so as to bring more vitality to it To improve production efficiency and reduce costs, the combination of a variety of processes also includes the combination of printing and post-press processes. In the production of products, printing and post-press are completed at one time and the finished products are directly produced, which can greatly reduce costs.


Features of digital label printing

(1) Now the labels on the market (especially the film label) mostly use screen printing and flexographic printing, not only the processing process is complex, the cycle is long, and the timeliness is poor.

(2) In the aspect of product design, the selection of design scheme should go through repeated proofing and modification, which is not only troublesome, but also costly.

(3) The traditional printing method should realize variable data printing and digital coding. Bar code and other anti-counterfeiting logo printing, need to be realized through two or even three times of printing, more cumbersome than digital printing.

(4) It can not handle the printing volume of fewer than 2000 copies of short edition work, such as some promotional products or test products label or packaging, so that printing enterprises to undertake these businesses not only not profitable, but also will lose money.

(5) Customers' requirements for the quality of printed matter are getting higher and higher, but the print volume is getting smaller and smaller, which makes the market competitiveness of traditional label printing continuously decline.

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