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The overview of the Industrial ink jet printer

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The overview of the Industrial ink jet printer

As the standard output device of a computer system, the printer is one of the most common computer peripherals. Although there are many differences in the appearance of printers, they can be roughly classified into four types: laser printers, ink jet printers, dot matrix printers and thermal sublimation printers from the point of view of output principles. Among them, the ink jet printer has become the most commonly used household printer.


Here is the content list:

The history of ink jet printing technology

The advantage of the industrial ink jet printer

How an ink-jet printer works


The history of ink jet printing technology

Continuous ink jet printing technology, hot bubble ink jet printing technology and piezoelectric ink jet printing technology. The progress of ink jet printing technology and its application in industry also promote the progress and development of industrial ink jet printing head.

In the 1960s, with the research of the basic theory of ink droplet formation and its movement in the electric field, the theory of continuous ink jet printing gradually formed and began to enter the application stage. The 1970s, with the development of computer technology, continuous ink jet print-heads for ink jet printers appeared. In the 1980s, the principle of hot bubble printing was discovered. Subsequently, the technology of hot bubble ink jet printing was improved and the hot bubble ink jet printing head appeared. Compared with the continuous ink jet print-head. The hot bubble ink-jet printing head has higher efficiency and printing accuracy, and the ink supply mode is simple without additional pressure device and terminal recovery device. Therefore, Hot bubble ink jet print-heads are gradually replacing continuous ink jet print-heads for ink jet printers.

The advantage of the industrial ink jet printer

Ink-jet printers are the most commonly used household printers because of their ease of use, low cost and excellent results. Ink-jet printer is a rising star in the printer family, it has a printing quality close to the laser printing effect and ordinary families can accept the price, the use is also very convenient, so the development is very rapid. Ink-jet printers can be used in a wide range of applications, ranging from demanding professional designs to general office output.


How an ink-jet printer works

The print head is the core part of the ink-jet printer, in addition to the paper feeding parts, precise positioning parts ink suction cleaning parts and electronic signal control parts. When the printer motherboard receives the printing job from the computer, it immediately transforms into various signal pulses through its own decoding, and controls the paper feeder to enter the paper, then how to judge whether the paper has entered? There is a paper sensor in the ink-jet printer feeding channel, it is controlled by a time pulse signal, if there is no trigger in the specified time, then the motherboard determines the failure of feeding paper, continue to feed the next time, two successive feeding failure will feedback to the computer a printer short of paper signal If the sensors within the set time trigger is successful, the motherboard will record the data, and then through the grating sensor precision control step signal, then the print head of ink car according to the lateral grating sensor location At this point, the board has access to the print head and paper X Y data, and can then be calculated according to precise coordinates X Y data When the print head goes to the coordinates of the print data, the motherboard immediately gives a pulse signal to control the print head to spray the ink drops, so that the pattern is repeatedly formed on the paper When need to clean the ink vehicle according to the grating sensor signal to move to the ink stack location, the ink stack up, fully enclosed print head nozzle parts, forming a negative pressure pump starts to work and in the sealing parts cleaning, take out the ink, began using ink flushing nozzles. After washing, the ink stack drops, blade bounce, shaved more than ink, and then be reset, the clean is finished.


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