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The overview of valid data printer

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The overview of valid data printer

Goods printed on the date of the machine is generally used in ink-jet printer, ink-jet printer can be printed according to the needs of product name specifications, production date validity period, production batch number and other different information content or pattern ink-jet printer is a software control, the use of non-contact way on the product identification equipment According to the working principle to classify into continuous ink jet technology (continue ink jet printer) referred to as CIJ, on demand ink jet technology (Drop on Demand) referred to as DOD code jet machine, according to the different ways of its implementation is divided into piezoelectric ink jet technology pressure valve type ink jet technology And Thermal foaming Ink-jet technology (Thermal Ink-jet Technology), referred to as TIJ according to the above principle can be divided into: small character Ink-jet printer, large character Ink-jet printer, high definition Ink-jet printer is a kind of high-tech products Involving multiple scientific fields, the working principle of ink-jet printer is the same, but the technology of each machine is different or slightly different in the ink system, the printing system, the software, the electronic system, and the control system. The valid data printer is the same.


Here is the content list:

 Contents about valid data printer

 Points to note when using a printer



Contents about valid data printer


Printer is one of the output devices of a computer. There are three indicators to measure the quality of a Printer: printing resolution, printing speed and noise. There are many types of printers, including striking printers and non-striking printers, according to whether the printing components strike the paper According to the printing character structure, the full shape character printer and dot matrix character printer according to the form of a line of words on paper, the series printer and line printer according to the technology used, the column spherical ink-jet type thermal sensitive laser type electrostatic magnetic light-emitting diode type printer.


Points to note when using a valid data printer

A. In case the printer produces heat, smoke, odor, abnormal sound and other conditions, please cut off the power and information personnel contact.

B.No other items are allowed on the printer. When the printer is not used for a long time, please pull out the power plug from the power socket.

C.As a precaution, pull the power plug out of the socket when there is thunder nearby. If it is plugged in, the machine may be damaged.

D.When the printing paper and ribbon box are not set, printing is prohibited. The print head and print roller may be damaged.

E.The print head is at high temperature. Do not contact until the temperature drops. Prevent burns and injuries.

F.Do not touch the metal part of the print cable connector and print head. Do not touch the print head while it is working.

G.Do not cut off the power when the print head is working.

H.Please do not disassemble, move, drag, in case of failure, please contact information personnel.

I.Do not allow foreign matter (staples, metal pieces, liquids, etc.) into the machine, otherwise it will cause electric shock or machine failure.

J.Make sure the printer power supply is normal and the data line is connected to the computer before starting the machine.

K.Please do not move, drag or turn off the printer when printing.

L.When the printing amount is too large, the printing amount should be kept within 30 copies to make the printer rest for 5-10 minutes to avoid overheating and damage of the printer.

M.When printing files, do not allow the use of excessive thickness (more than 80g) paper, do not allow the use of wrinkled, folded paper.

N.If the printer appears serious physical damage, man-made damage or not in accordance with the above operation specifications and the printer damage will be investigated for its responsible person.

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