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UDI inkjet printer types and application advantages

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UDI inkjet printer types and application advantages

UDI inkjet printer types and application advantages.

UDI inkjet printer, that is, the unique identification inkjet printer for medical devices, is a code inkjet equipment specially assigned to medical devices and other products. Good UDI inkjet printer equipment shall meet the UDI coding requirements of various special packages such as packaging boxes, paper, labels, cards, plastic bags, aluminum foil bags, glass, metal, etc.

On January 1, 2021, the state fully launched the implementation of the first batch of unique identification of medical devices, local regulatory authorities successively formulated General requirements for the implementation of traceability of medical devices, and the construction of unique identification (UDI) and traceability system of medical devices began to enter the standardization stage. UDI code will become the "electronic ID card" of medical devices, run through all links of medical device production, circulation and use, and promote the whole life cycle management of medical devices.

It can be seen that the identification of UDI code is very important for medical device manufacturers. UDI code is a code composed of numbers or letters (generally GS1 code). The inkjet equipment meeting the inkjet printing requirements of UDI code includes thermal foaming inkjet printer, laser inkjet printer and UV inkjet printer.

1. Thermal foaming inkjet printer

The nozzle of the thermal foaming inkjet printer adopts semiconductor thin film technology, and uses laser process and high-precision deep technology to form a plurality of tiny spray holes. These spray holes are arranged in high density. The ink jet is powered on and heated through the thin film resistor to generate countless small bubbles, which gather into large bubbles and expand at an extremely fast speed, forcing ink droplets to eject from the nozzle; When the resistance has no voltage, stop heating and no ink droplets are ejected. The initial investment cost is low. It can spray print clear bar code, QR code and pattern content on a variety of materials, which is convenient for maintenance. However, in mass production, the cost of consumables is very high, and the adhesion is poor, which is easy to be erased.

TIJ UDI Coding Machine

2. Laser inkjet equipment

That is, the laser marking machine uses software to control the deflection of the laser beam, uses the high temperature of the laser to directly burn the surface of the product to be identified, or breaks the molecular chain of the material through the laser to form words or patterns. The laser marking machine does not need to change consumables frequently, which is environmentally friendly and the marking is permanent and not easy to be tampered with. However, the laser may damage the product surface, and the marking speed is slow when there are many contents, which can not meet the requirements of high-quality UDI code assignment.

UV Laser Marking Machine

3. UV digital inkjet equipment

UV inkjet printer refers to the piezoelectric inkjet printer that uses UV ink for inkjet printing. Its working principle is consistent with that of piezoelectric inkjet printer. Using the characteristic of piezoelectric crystal deformation, UV ink jet falls on the surface of moving articles to form dot matrix, so as to form words and patterns. UV inkjet printer and thermal foaming inkjet printer belong to high-resolution inkjet printer. In terms of inkjet printing quality, UV inkjet printer has better effect, high adhesion and higher definition. The cost of consumables is much lower than that of thermal foaming inkjet printer, which is suitable for large-scale mass production.

Offline Label Web Digital Printing Inkjet Printer With Camera Inspection System

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