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  • Differences and advantages between industrial QR code printer and ordinary bar code printer.

    1. Industrial quality, not limited by the printing volume, can be printed 24 hours; The printing speed is extremely fast, up to 10 inches (24 cm) per second. It can print continuous serial numbers, connect to the database and print in batches. 2. It is not limited by printing materials. It can print pet, coated paper, thermal paper self-adhesive labels, polyester, PVC and other synthetic materials and water-washed label fabrics, which are not limited by the working environment. 3. The text and graphics printed by heat transfer have anti scratch effect. The special carbon tape printing can also make the printing products waterproof, anti fouling, anti-corrosion, high temperature resistance and so on. 4. Label paper is generally hundreds of meters long, which can reach thousands to tens of thousands of small labels; The label printer adopts continuous printing mode, which is easier to save and organize. The length of a single label can reach more than 120 cm.

  • Advantages of digital UV inkjet printer and details of nozzle

    What are the advantages of Digital UV inkjet printer 1. Realize product traceability management The product batch or production date is sprayed on the products, so that each product has good traceability and facilitates the enterprise's quality management of products. 2. Realize the anti-counterfeiting traceability function Enterprises can use inkjet printer to identify products, identify special characters and invisible characters, and prevent products from counterfeiting. 3. It can improve the brand awareness of products By marking the brand name and trademark mode on the products, the products can stand out among the peers and improve the grade and popularity of the products.

  • Application of two dimensional code inkjet printer in food industry anti-counterfeiting and traceability

    In the current era of rapid development of the Internet, in order to deal with the arrival of the era of food QR code anti-counterfeiting and traceability, the first thing to be solved by large food enterprises is the production and management construction of enterprise internal information. The management of enterprise network information not only meets the hardware conditions of two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting traceability system, but also improves the production standardization of the enterprise, as well as the professional quality and food safety awareness of employees in production and processing links, but also indirectly improves the scientific talent incentive and competition mechanism.

  • Application of inkjet printer in variable data 2D codes

    How to select high quality two-dimensional code inkjet printer for veterinary drugs 1. In fact, the so-called high quality means good quality and less maintenance. The high quality in the eyes of customers is that they hope the quality is good enough not to provide after-sales service. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a large brand of inkjet printer when selecting. 2. Specific advantages of high-quality veterinary medicine QR code inkjet printer: the nozzle adopts 36mm high inkjet printing, which almost meets the inkjet printing of large, medium and small drug supervision codes, electronic supervision codes, QR codes, bar codes, logos, pictures, patterns, numbers and Chinese and English characters. In addition, the automatic cleaning function of the spray nozzle installed on the code spraying machine.

  • Automatic production process of QR code inkjet coding printer

    Automatic production process of QR code inkjet coding printer. 1. The computer transmits the detected product information to our inkjet printer. The product information detected by computer is essentially the basic information of enterprise products. The computer transmits the product information stored in ERP system to inkjet printer for data preprocessing. 2. The inkjet printer receives the information and generates the corresponding product QR code by using the software carried by the inkjet printer according to the information. The QR code here can be a QR code for a batch of products or a QR code for a product, which will not be repeated here. 3. The inkjet printer will sense the product and print the generated relevant QR code on the product. 4. The QR code acquisition and elimination system scans and collects the sprayed products. When there is an unrecognized QR code, the system will automatically eliminate it and re spray the relevant QR code.

  • The advantages of UV digital inkjet printer for security and anti-counterfeiting

    UV two-dimensional code inkjet printer will have various problems after being used for a long time. The common problems are filter blockage, unstable pressure, the impact of nozzle voltage on nozzle, the impact of static electricity on equipment and ink, too high and too low ink viscosity, etc.

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