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  • The use of date printer

    The invention of date printer provides a more comprehensive development approach for the development of various industries. It makes buyers more familiar with the goods they buy, and it enhances customers' trust in an enterprise. Here is the content list:How the date printer works?The advantages and

  • Application of laser marking machine in consumer electronics industry

    The laser marking machine uses laser output laser to realize the marking function through the high-speed scanning galvanometer system.The laser marking machine has high optical conversion efficiency and is cooled by air cooling. It has small volume, good light output speed and high reliability.

  • The use of case coding machine

    Nowadays, the application of sign technology is gradually deepening into every corner, especially in the industrial application scope is wider, the complexity of the application is greatly increased, making the sign become an indispensable part of the production of various industries. Here is the co

  • The overview of VDPS printing system

    A kind of negative pressure control system including - producing device, used to produce negative pressure value: at least - on-off device, described in the on-off device includes at least one import and export, is used to connect or cut off negative pressure: at least one deputy cartridges, describ

  • The overview of variable data printing system

    Variable data refers to data changes with certain rules. Variable data is widely used in daily life, such as bar-code of commodities, employee ID of the company, social medical insurance card and so on. We can realize the production of variable data through many kinds of software, such as Print-shop

  • The overview of variable data coding machine

    Data coding is the key to computer processing. Different information records should adopt different codes. A code point can represent an information record In order to be easy to use and easy to remember, it is often necessary to encode the processed objects. It is very important to encode the data

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