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  • Why does the industrial inkjet printer have scattered dots when printing?
    Firstly, check it whether the machine is damaged. Secondly: 1. It may be that the spray hole of the spray gun head is blocked, but it is not completely blocked, so the ink droplets ejected from the spray hole are not straight, so the spraying content becomes scattered. Just remove the nozzle and clean it. 2. In addition, the voltage of the nozzle is too high, the spraying force increases, and the spraying material is just very hard. Just reduce the voltage. 3. If the printing interval is too long, it will also cause scattered spots in the printing. In addition, the aging of the head of the inkjet printer will also produce dispersion points if it does not reach the maximum interval of inkjet printing. 4. Due to the unstable transportation of spray printing products, spray printing scattered points are generated. In addition, when other signals interfere with the signal of the inkjet printer, scattering points will also appear. 5. When using the inkjet printer, pay attenti
  • Daily maintenance of the UV variable data coding printer nozzles?
    working principle and maintenance method of print head ① The principle of inkjet pen and the resolution of inkjet printing. The spray hole of the fountain pen consists of two rows, 150 in each row, a total of 300. The two rows of spray holes are distributed in a cross shape. The maximum spray printing coverage area of each fountain pen is 0.5 inch. By adjusting the resolution of the printing software, the printing frequency can be controlled. 600 * 600dpi refers to printing 600 points within 1 inch, 600 * 300dpi refers to printing 300 points within 1 inch, and 600 * 200dpi refers to printing 200 points within 1 inch. ② Use and maintenance of heads The nozzle must be cleaned and emptied after shutdown within two days. The cleaning and emptying steps are as follows: 1: Adjust the nozzle valve to the cleaning position (vertical to the platform and upward position); 2:Clean the surface of the cleaning solution pipe at the back of the chassis.
  • What is the principle of UV digital inkjet printer and what fields used in?
    What is the principle of UV digital inkjet printer and what fields used in? UV digital inkjet printer is actually named according to its system structure. We can understand it in two parts. UV means ultraviolet. UV digital inkjet printer is an ink inkjet printer that needs ultraviolet radiation to dry. The working principle of UV inkjet printer is consistent with that of piezoelectric inkjet printer. Here is a detailed introduction to the principle and application field of UV inkjet printer.
  • What are the functions of QR code identification and the introduction of digital inkjet coding technology?
    1. Firstly, the relevant production enterprises formulate or select coding rules and generate a certain number of QR codes to form a complete database system. 2. Send the generated database system to the relevant enterprises responsible for production and packaging. 3. Packaging enterprises receive the database for sorting and docking, send it to marking equipment such as inkjet printer, laser inkjet printer or high-resolution inkjet printer, and assign codes to products to realize what we often call "one object and one code". 4. Establish multi-level packaging relationships, such as bag box box and two-dimensional code association system, combined with the packaging that has been sprayed with code and the packaging that has not been sprayed with code, which can be customized according to customer needs to improve product quality control.
  • Differences and advantages between industrial QR code printer and ordinary bar code printer.
    1. Industrial quality, not limited by the printing volume, can be printed 24 hours; The printing speed is extremely fast, up to 10 inches (24 cm) per second. It can print continuous serial numbers, connect to the database and print in batches. 2. It is not limited by printing materials. It can print pet, coated paper, thermal paper self-adhesive labels, polyester, PVC and other synthetic materials and water-washed label fabrics, which are not limited by the working environment. 3. The text and graphics printed by heat transfer have anti scratch effect. The special carbon tape printing can also make the printing products waterproof, anti fouling, anti-corrosion, high temperature resistance and so on. 4. Label paper is generally hundreds of meters long, which can reach thousands to tens of thousands of small labels; The label printer adopts continuous printing mode, which is easier to save and organize. The length of a single label can reach more than 120 cm.
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