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Advantages of digital UV inkjet printer and details of nozzle

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Advantages of digital UV inkjet printer and details of nozzle

Advantages of digital UV inkjet printer and details of nozzle

Digital UV inkjet printer is a machine widely used by many enterprises, and many companies have found its importance. Today, Danmajet will introduce the advantages of digital UV inkjet printer and the five details of nozzle. Next, read with us.

Five details on the nozzle of Digital UV inkjet printer

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1. Please use proprietary UV ink and UV cleaning solution to meet the printing requirements of UV inkjet printer. Try not to use other brands of uncertified ink, because other brands of ink will have differences in composition and quality. Using substandard alternative ink may lead to poor printing effect, nozzle blockage and serious damage.

2. It is forbidden to impact the nozzle with external force, which may cause deformation and damage to the nozzle.

3. It is forbidden to immerse the nozzle in the cleaning liquid as a whole. The cleaning liquid stuck on the surface of the nozzle and the circuit should be wiped off in time, because the nozzle will corrode the nozzle electrode and damage the electrode.

4. Do not use high-pressure air gun to flush the ultraviolet nozzle. Use super large syringe to vigorously flush the nozzle. The ink path in the nozzle is very thin. If the flushing pressure is too large, it will cause internal damage to the nozzle and irreparable loss of the nozzle.

5. When wiping the nozzle, it is necessary to use the equipment standard cotton brush or non-woven fabric to avoid hard objects scratching the nozzle surface, otherwise the splash film on the nozzle surface will be damaged, resulting in ink-jet printing and ink droplets, affecting the normal use of the nozzle.

What are the advantages of Digital UV inkjet printer

1. Realize product traceability management

The product batch or production date is sprayed on the products, so that each product has good traceability and facilitates the enterprise's quality management of products.

2. Realize the anti-counterfeiting traceability function

Enterprises can use inkjet printer to identify products, identify special characters and invisible characters, and prevent products from counterfeiting.

3. It can improve the brand awareness of products

By marking the brand name and trademark mode on the products, the products can stand out among the peers and improve the grade and popularity of the products.

4. Raise standards

Using manual product identification is not only inefficient, but also unsightly and error prone. Using the automatic digital UV inkjet printer for marking, hundreds of thousands of products can be marked every day. All signs have the same size and thickness, the effect is neat and beautiful, and meet the requirements of environmental protection and mechanical control signs.

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