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Thermal inkjet printer with the newest technology & stable quality. 
12.7-609.6mm different height printing solutions. 
Easy operation+24hrs online tech support.
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Thermal Inkjet Printer
Inkjet Digital Press 
24*7 Hours Non-stop Printing, Super Stable. 
Mounted On Different Printers. 
Different Color Ink Supported.
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Our Main Printers And VDPS Solutions

Why Danmajet


Independent development, years of precipitation, the inkjet printer and digital press software is very stable. 
High speed.Low maintenance cost and simple operation.


Exquisite design, accurate algorithm. 
Easy installation, easy integration.


Strict quality control and timely delivery for inkjet printer and digital press.

After sales

Professional team in inkjet printer and digital press, no worries after-sales.

We Produce Industrial Inkjet Printers 

And Offer VDPS Solutions

Shanghai Danmajet Digital Tech Co.,Ltd is one of a leading inkjet printing  and digital press manufacturers in China,as a pioneer in handheld inkjet printer, thermal inkjet printer, sheetfed inkjet digital press, web inkjet digital press. We have ten years experience in the research of inkjet technology as well as products application. We have brought in some strategic partners like the nozzle manufacturer from America and Japan,inks manufacturers in Britain...

The Proper Industries For Printers And Solutions

  • Packaging industry
    Mainly in cartons, paper cards, pipes, wooden boxes, bottles, cans, wires, ceramics and other materials inkjet coding printing to print simple date, logo, pictures, validity date, and other information.General speed requirements are not high.
  • Printing industry
    In the printing industry, it is mainly on-line or off-line ink-jet printing for roll to roll film and label. The ink-jet printing information is usually variable information, such as serial number, QR code, database, DM code, barcode, etc. The speed requirement is relatively high, and the coding quality requirement is also high, so it is generally UV DOD digital equipment.
  • Special custom
    Special printing needs for special industries, such as anti-counterfeiting, inkjet printing of invisible blue, invisible red, varnish, etc., and inkjet content may also be customized.
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Get Our Support In Inkjet Printer&Solution

Independent software development, support a variety of inkjet software function customization.
Operation and test of equipment to ensure stability and high speed.
According to our existing inkjet products, we extend and provide complete inkjet solutions according to the different needs of customers.Such as offline inkjet overall solution, online integration solution.
24-hour technology online support, provide strong after-sales support and good service.

Frequently Asked Questions of Industrial Inkjet Printers

Latest News

What is the difference between UV Piezo Inkjet Printers and TIJ printers

UV Piezo Inkjet Printers and TIJ Printers have some differences in printing effect, printing materials, printing processes and printing costs.Printing effect: UV Piezo Inkjet Printers use piezoelectric technology to print, which can achieve high-resolution printing effect, usually above 1200dpi, and

Invisible anti-counterfeiting tracing codes inkjet solution

Now when we talk about the form of anti-counterfeiting traceability code, we may think of two-dimensional code. From the beginning of the anti-counterfeiting code tracing, the company has been based on the two-dimensional code.

What are the main functions of thermal inkjet printer?

With people's attention to product identification code, product identification code has become an indispensable part of all walks of life, especially in the production quality management of industrial products.

Inkjet coding printer for pharmaceutical industry

Ink-jet printers are characterized by their simple mechanism and do not require preparation of program blocks such as offset printing, and do not require thermal setting. For example, electrophotography used in photocopiers and laser printers does not require flattening of the printing media as othe

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