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The use of date printer
10 September 2021

The invention of date printer provides a more comprehensive development approach for the development of various industries. It makes buyers more familiar with the goods they buy, and it enhances customers' trust in an enterprise. Here is the content list:How the date printer works?The advantages and

The overview of data printer
11 August 2021

​Date printer is the latest improvement and development of the new generation of models, this cartridge using magnetic oil cup device, containing magnets, directly adsorbed on the steel plate, without pressure regulation, maximum guarantee that the oil cup bottom and steel plate between the force consistent, so that the ink installed in the cartridge is not easy to leakage, not easy to dry. And the bottom of the oil cup and the part of the steel plate contact with laser polishing treatment, no longer need scraper, no wearing parts! The date printer has enabled food, medical care and other industries that are closely related to life to flourish.

The use of case coding machine
08 September 2021

Nowadays, the application of sign technology is gradually deepening into every corner, especially in the industrial application scope is wider, the complexity of the application is greatly increased, making the sign become an indispensable part of the production of various industries. Here is the co


Industry News
01 06,2023

UV Piezo Inkjet Printers and TIJ Printers have some differences in printing effect, printing materials, printing processes and printing costs.Printing effect: UV Piezo Inkjet Printers use piezoelectric technology to print, which can achieve high-resolution printing effect, usually above 1200dpi, and

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UV DOD Products News
27 08,2021

Now when we talk about the form of anti-counterfeiting traceability code, we may think of two-dimensional code. From the beginning of the anti-counterfeiting code tracing, the company has been based on the two-dimensional code.

TIJ Printers News
13 09,2021

With people's attention to product identification code, product identification code has become an indispensable part of all walks of life, especially in the production quality management of industrial products.

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