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What are the main functions of thermal inkjet printer?

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What are the main functions of thermal inkjet printer?

With people's attention to product identification code, product identification code has become an indispensable part of all walks of life, especially in the production quality management of industrial products. Inkjet printer is a kind of equipment that uses non-contact method to identify products through software control. Many people will not only ask what is the main function of inkjet printer? Let professionals introduce the functions of ink jet printer:

1. Add value to the product: marking the brand or manufacturer's name on the product means commitment. Consumers usually think that this is the product of a company with better quality tracking and responsible for product quality.

2. Anti counterfeiting: manufacturers can usually prevent and suppress counterfeiting by labeling their products. New technologies such as printing random codes and bar codes make legitimate manufacturers one step ahead of counterfeiters.

3. It is conducive to product identification: by marking special marks, brand names and trademark patterns on products, products can stand out in the competition and improve brand awareness.

4. Product tracking record requirements: the batch number, shift, serial number or production date of the product are directly printed on the product, so that each product has good traceability, which greatly facilitates the quality management of the enterprise and the regional management of product sales.

Inkjet printer can print product packages of various specifications, indicating shelf life, production batch number, manufacturer name or promotional information. As a food packaging equipment, it is more and more widely used in the industry. However, at present, the scale of domestic enterprises is small. When using their own standard production equipment, there is no unified national standard and specification. The market has always been shoddy, with advantages and disadvantages. From the perspective of current customer demand, low equipment maintenance rate, fast printing speed, many contents, easy automatic cleaning, simple and fast operation will become a major trend in the development of inkjet machines in the future.

The above is the embodiment of the specific main functions of the inkjet printer. In addition, the barcode, pattern or text of the inkjet printer in the food, beverage, tobacco, wine, cable, medicine, cosmetics and other industries are sprayed on the products or outer packaging cartons. The inkjet printer can greatly improve the production efficiency and the clarity of the printed text, so as to improve the quality of the products and enable the enterprise to win a broader product market and better economic benefits.

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