The use of date printer
10 September 2021

The invention of date printer provides a more comprehensive development approach for the development of various industries. It makes buyers more familiar with the goods they buy, and it enhances customers' trust in an enterprise. Here is the content list:How the date printer works?The advantages and

The overview of data printer
11 August 2021

​Date printer is the latest improvement and development of the new generation of models, this cartridge using magnetic oil cup device, containing magnets, directly adsorbed on the steel plate, without pressure regulation, maximum guarantee that the oil cup bottom and steel plate between the force consistent, so that the ink installed in the cartridge is not easy to leakage, not easy to dry. And the bottom of the oil cup and the part of the steel plate contact with laser polishing treatment, no longer need scraper, no wearing parts! The date printer has enabled food, medical care and other industries that are closely related to life to flourish.

The use of case coding machine
08 September 2021

Nowadays, the application of sign technology is gradually deepening into every corner, especially in the industrial application scope is wider, the complexity of the application is greatly increased, making the sign become an indispensable part of the production of various industries. Here is the co

UV DOD Products News
20 10,2021

The equipment uses the latest UV LED light curing technology and high precision linear micro-step drive. The new UV LED curing system produces almost no heat and is suitable for a variety of thermal sensitive media, such as foamed plastic digital channel boards, PVC, acrylic and etc.

TIJ Printers News
13 09,2021

Ink-jet printers are characterized by their simple mechanism and do not require preparation of program blocks such as offset printing, and do not require thermal setting. For example, electrophotography used in photocopiers and laser printers does not require flattening of the printing media as othe

TIJ Printers News
15 09,2021

The wide application of labels and the continuous development of label varieties naturally promote the development of label printing technology. Label printing covers all printing methods such as flat, convex and concave screens. The application of different countries is not the same Digital printin

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