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The use of date printer

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The use of date printer

The invention of date printer provides a more comprehensive development approach for the development of various industries. It makes buyers more familiar with the goods they buy, and it enhances customers' trust in an enterprise.


Here is the content list:

How the date printer works?

The advantages and disadvantages of data printer

How to choose data printer?


How the date printer works?

This machine adopts intermittent automatic heating and precise mechanical combination, according to the needs of users, arbitrary selection of coding content and coding position, and can set the number of coding speed, reliable performance, clear handwriting, coding action and counting using photoelectric switch control · The machine has a novel structure, full stainless steel structure, photoelectric control, automatic counting, and can preset the number and position of printing sheets. · The advanced solid ink wheel is adopted for printing, with clear handwriting, instant printing and instant drying, and it is not easy to erase Shelf-life printing and other industries of all kinds of flexible packaging, paper boxes, plastic bags, aluminum foil and other materials surface coding.


The advantages and disadvantages of data printer

Advantages: code machine easy to use! After the power supply is connected, it can be used after preheating. Need consumables including ribbon writing ink wheel cost is low, the operation is simple, the occupation area is small, generally small and medium-sized enterprises to use.

Disadvantages: hit date or batch number adhesion is general, if rubbed with alcohol for more than ten times may lose color! Easy to appear hot drop ink! The food bags will not be very clean. Change the date trouble. Printing content is limited, commonly used characters and digital printing items are limited, paper and plastic bags are especially relatively smooth before printing. The font is too small.


How to choose data printer?

There are many kinds of ink-jet printer, generally including small character ink-jet printer; High resolution ink-jet printer; Hand-held ink-jet printer; Hot foaming ink-jet machine; Laser coding machine; Manual coding machine, as said above, if it is a plastic bag to achieve coding, we must first judge the coding content, if the content is ordinary date model specifications, then our range of choice becomes much smaller Then, we further by code size range of the screening machine, if it is a large format printing, such as spray print information overall width and height is 1.5 CM or more, in less than 5 CM, then we can select potential profit TTO thermal transfer printer for rewinding code, the premise is need equipped with such conditions, the hardware equipment to complete If the height range of the printing information is about 10CM, then we can choose the latent heat foaming jet printer with multiple nozzles to splicing and achieve a larger range of one-time jet printing work In the above, we also talked about the laser coding machine, laser coding machine has a higher degree of automation, and the requirements for the product material are also higher. After 2010, it experienced a high speed of development, and now in 2019, the growth rate is slowing down The main reason for the slow growth is that although it has better stability and more permanent marking effect, it is weaker than the traditional coding machine in terms of adaptability. It cannot form effective marking on many irregular product surfaces (bump) or product surfaces with special materials (polymer materials) On the other hand we need to focus point is price, in the last production date code printer price is very low, from a few yuan to several hundred yuan, some even just only one seal function, similar to the seal Now, the era of traditional code printer is gone, the more users, and are very wise choice can improve efficiency To reduce the comprehensive cost of automated code machine, also let us the identity of the equipment, marking system obtained the unprecedented development opportunity Understand the production date code printer incarnations, we see not hard, small production date code printer is lighter, the price is cheaper, its rapid rise is just around the corner, let's hope.


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