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These are related to the date printer news, in which you can learn about the updated information in date printer, to help you better understand and expand date printer market. Because the market for date printer is evolving and changing, so we recommend that you collect our website, and we will show you the latest news on a regular basis.
  • The use of date printer
    The invention of date printer provides a more comprehensive development approach for the development of various industries. It makes buyers more familiar with the goods they buy, and it enhances customers' trust in an enterprise. Here is the content list:How the date printer works?The advantages and
  • Why does the industrial inkjet printer have scattered dots when printing?
    Firstly, check it whether the machine is damaged. Secondly: 1. It may be that the spray hole of the spray gun head is blocked, but it is not completely blocked, so the ink droplets ejected from the spray hole are not straight, so the spraying content becomes scattered. Just remove the nozzle and clean it. 2. In addition, the voltage of the nozzle is too high, the spraying force increases, and the spraying material is just very hard. Just reduce the voltage. 3. If the printing interval is too long, it will also cause scattered spots in the printing. In addition, the aging of the head of the inkjet printer will also produce dispersion points if it does not reach the maximum interval of inkjet printing. 4. Due to the unstable transportation of spray printing products, spray printing scattered points are generated. In addition, when other signals interfere with the signal of the inkjet printer, scattering points will also appear. 5. When using the inkjet printer, pay attenti
  • Daily maintenance of the UV variable data coding printer nozzles?
    working principle and maintenance method of print head ① The principle of inkjet pen and the resolution of inkjet printing. The spray hole of the fountain pen consists of two rows, 150 in each row, a total of 300. The two rows of spray holes are distributed in a cross shape. The maximum spray printing coverage area of each fountain pen is 0.5 inch. By adjusting the resolution of the printing software, the printing frequency can be controlled. 600 * 600dpi refers to printing 600 points within 1 inch, 600 * 300dpi refers to printing 300 points within 1 inch, and 600 * 200dpi refers to printing 200 points within 1 inch. ② Use and maintenance of heads The nozzle must be cleaned and emptied after shutdown within two days. The cleaning and emptying steps are as follows: 1: Adjust the nozzle valve to the cleaning position (vertical to the platform and upward position); 2:Clean the surface of the cleaning solution pipe at the back of the chassis.
  • What are the benefits and functional advantages of UV variable data inkjet printer?
    Functional advantages of UV digital inkjet printer 1. It adopts the Feeder of the printing machine, is equipped with a paper stacking auxiliary table, and has a unique non-stop automatic paper feeding function. The speed of the paper feeder can reach 8500 sheets / hour. 2. Optional powder removing device: the double powder removing device of brush roller can effectively remove the dust sprayed on the paper products during printing and will not scratch the products. It is easy to adjust and operate, so as to improve the printing quality and reduce the blockage of the nozzle. 3. The lengthened cable-stayed steel ball side gauge is used for positioning, and the paper positioning is accurate. The deviation correction range is up to, and the adjustment is convenient. 4. The vacuum platform is used to adsorb the area, and the paper feeding is calm to ensure that the paper is sprayed in the vacuum platform.
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