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  • What is the difference between UV Piezo Inkjet Printers and TIJ printers
    UV Piezo Inkjet Printers and TIJ Printers have some differences in printing effect, printing materials, printing processes and printing costs.Printing effect: UV Piezo Inkjet Printers use piezoelectric technology to print, which can achieve high-resolution printing effect, usually above 1200dpi, and
  • The use of date printer
    The invention of date printer provides a more comprehensive development approach for the development of various industries. It makes buyers more familiar with the goods they buy, and it enhances customers' trust in an enterprise. Here is the content list:How the date printer works?The advantages and
  • Application of laser marking machine in consumer electronics industry
    The laser marking machine uses laser output laser to realize the marking function through the high-speed scanning galvanometer system.The laser marking machine has high optical conversion efficiency and is cooled by air cooling. It has small volume, good light output speed and high reliability.
  • The use of case coding machine
    Nowadays, the application of sign technology is gradually deepening into every corner, especially in the industrial application scope is wider, the complexity of the application is greatly increased, making the sign become an indispensable part of the production of various industries. Here is the co
  • Russian data matrix for dairy products needs contains
    The implementation of this system necessitated a number of investments and internal changes for all parties involved in the supply chain, which allowed the tracking of the path of each product, from manufacturer to consumer. Each part of the logistic chain must now be connected to the national track and trace system. This also includes online cash registers across the whole country - another big nation-wide revolution that took place in recent years. On top of this, each customer can download a mobile app in order to verify the product they are willing to buy in real-time. The main difference between the Russian system and others implemented across the globe is the Chestny ZNAK structure 2D code and, in the future, the possibility of using RFID tagging.
  • How much is a computer variable data inkjet printer?
    Understand the demand, understand the price, recognize the brand, and analyze the procurement process Early purchase. When purchasing in the early stage, we should pay attention to distinguish the category and model, especially determine the type and determine the printing effect. It is suggested that we must test the printing effect of the actual sample for reference, so as to avoid failing to meet the expected appearance after purchase, resulting in wrong purchase; In addition, when purchasing, if conditions permit, it is best to find suppliers close to each other to facilitate factory inspection and ensure later use and maintenance efficiency.
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