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Russian data matrix for dairy products needs contains

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Russian data matrix for dairy products needs contains

The implementation of this system necessitated a number of investments and internal changes for all parties involved in the supply chain, which allowed the tracking of the path of each product, from manufacturer to consumer. Each part of the logistic chain must now be connected to the national track and trace system. This also includes online cash registers across the whole country - another big nation-wide revolution that took place in recent years. On top of this, each customer can download a mobile app in order to verify the product they are willing to buy in real-time. The main difference between the Russian system and others implemented across the globe is the Chestny ZNAK structure 2D code and, in the future, the possibility of using RFID tagging.

According to the official Russian government website, the data matrix for dairy products needs to contain information such as:

2D matrix coder

A goods code (14 numerical digits)             

An individual serial number for the item, generated by the system operator or economic agent (13 digits)

Expiration dates (six characters for non-perishables, ten for perishables)

A verification key provided by the system operator (four digits)


This year will put the Russian system through one of its biggest tests. Track and trace will be implemented for all dairy products – an industry that has been constantly growing in the last few years, especially after the ban on EU food products in 2014. For example, cheese imports dropped by half from 2013 to 2015, giving a unique growth opportunity to local producers. They will now have to face new challenges and, in my opinion, this will help Russian companies to consolidate their leading position in local markets. All foreign producers will also have to follow new rules in order to deliver their products to Russian market and, in the near future, we will be able to see how many of them will decide not to do this.

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