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  • Inkjet solutions introduces New Series digital printing module

    Inkjet solutions is pleased to announce the launch of its i-jet AQ 2800 Series products.

  • When ink-jet printing on Folding color boxes,these tasks should be done well!

    In the packaging world, customers have different requirements for folding color boxes. Although we have seen more and more companies provide colorful corrugated boxes for primary and secondary packaging, as well as exquisite pallet packaging for warehouses and stores

  • Working principle of UV DOD digital inkjet printer

    The equipment uses the latest UV LED light curing technology and high precision linear micro-step drive. The new UV LED curing system produces almost no heat and is suitable for a variety of thermal sensitive media, such as foamed plastic digital channel boards, PVC, acrylic and etc.

  • The overview of Single sheet UV ink-jet printer

    It has broken through the bottleneck of digital printing technology, and realized the real sense of one start printing without plate-making full-color image printing, which has many advantages over traditional printing technology The original design and manufacturing is mainly used for hard material

  • The overview of the variable codes printer

    Variable codes printing equipment If you want to print variable content, you can submit a variable data printing software to the variable printing equipment Variable data printing software is a serial number can be generated automatically by the database import or software to implement variable data

  • The overview of the Industrial ink jet printer

    As the standard output device of a computer system, the printer is one of the most common computer peripherals. Although there are many differences in the appearance of printers, they can be roughly classified into four types: laser printers, ink jet printers, dot matrix printers and thermal sublima

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