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  • The overview of valid data printer

    Goods printed on the date of the machine is generally used in ink-jet printer, ink-jet printer can be printed according to the needs of product name specifications, production date validity period, production batch number and other different information content or pattern ink-jet printer is a softwa

  • Invisible anti-counterfeiting tracing codes inkjet solution

    Now when we talk about the form of anti-counterfeiting traceability code, we may think of two-dimensional code. From the beginning of the anti-counterfeiting code tracing, the company has been based on the two-dimensional code.

  • The overview of UVLED ink-jet printer

    The equipment uses the latest UV LED light curing technology and high precision linear micro-step drive. The new UV LED curing system produces almost no heat and is suitable for a variety of thermal sensitive media, such as foamed plastic digital channel boards, PVC, acrylic and styrene panels due t

  • The overview of Rewinding UV Digital printer

    Rewinding UV Digital printer is specially designed for printing equipment of flexible materials. The roll-to-roll printing mode has broken through the bottleneck of digital printing technology, and realized the true sense of a piece of starting printing without plate making full-color image complete

  • The overview of digital codes printer

    Encoding machine is the signal (such as bitstream) or data is programmed into a signal form that can be used for communication transmission and storage equipment encoder converts angular displacement or linear displacement into electrical signals, the former is called code disk.

  • The overview of data printer

    ​Date printer is the latest improvement and development of the new generation of models, this cartridge using magnetic oil cup device, containing magnets, directly adsorbed on the steel plate, without pressure regulation, maximum guarantee that the oil cup bottom and steel plate between the force consistent, so that the ink installed in the cartridge is not easy to leakage, not easy to dry. And the bottom of the oil cup and the part of the steel plate contact with laser polishing treatment, no longer need scraper, no wearing parts! The date printer has enabled food, medical care and other industries that are closely related to life to flourish.

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