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The overview of digital codes printer

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The overview of digital codes printer

Universal flatbed printer can print any material and irregular soft hard objects, such as digital printers can be for you to reduce costs, reduce artificial, improve business efficiency, because the digital printer without the film plate, a full color image, precision positioning, reject rate to zero Digital printer high-tech products completely replace the screen printing on printing transfer printing and other traditional crafts, belongs to the environmental protection product type, can export, is the trend of products, printed in 2009 Digital printer printing material surface high protection color images, without direct contact with the items, to ensure the integrity of the printed items, through the ink jet printing and dyeing, will not be due to heat and pressure deformation and other phenomena, the use of computer direct output printing, do not need to do any preparatory printing work in the early.


Here is the content list:

The function of the digital codes printer.

The range of applications of digital codes printers

Print conditions for digital printers


The function of the digital codes printer

1. Can print pictures on any material. Such as: gold, silver, copper, iron and aluminum plate, crystal material, wood, glass plate, leather, cloth, stone, etc.

2. You can print pictures on irregular surfaces. Such as: mobile phone, telephone, U disk, glass, vase, pen and so on.

3. It can print cylindrical objects. Such as glasses, vases, pens and so on.

4. The height of the object is 0~17CM.

5. No intermediate consumables. Such as: transfer paper, crystal glue, crystal film, high temperature tape, heat transfer equipment.

6. Scope of application:

A. Each franchise store, photo gallery, wedding photo studio, scenic spots, hospitals, schools, etc.;

B, industrial application: for plastic, electronics, hardware, plexiglass and other industries sample proofing and product mass production has played a rapid sample, processing costs are doubled.


The range of applications of digital codes printers

The application range of digital printer is very wide: Personalized printing: such as boutiques, mobile phone decoration shop, personalized gift shop, crystal boutique: tourist attractions or market areas, on-the-spot production of products proofing: various traditional printing template production studio: such as digital image production, clothing industry: sample proofing or personalized pattern color printing leather products: high-grade leather goods color printing Electronic products: such as card U disk laptop case MP3/MP4 appearance of color printing gift packaging: personalized appearance of color printing sign production: the production of various signs decoration industry: tile or ceiling of color printing toy industry glass products industry advertising industry clothing industry.


Print conditions for digital printers

The surface of the coating treatment on the future color printing is very important:

(1) To confirm what kind of material you want to print, and then for the material coating treatment.

(2) Before printing to confirm whether the coating is dry or drying.

(3) In addition, we must ensure that the coating is uniform and clean. If it is not uniform, it will lead to individual positions where the ink will not be adsorbed, blotchy, or infiltration, etc. Clean and tidy is also to prevent dust and debris from affecting the effect of printing, to ensure quality.


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