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The overview of Rewinding UV Digital printer

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The overview of Rewinding UV Digital printer

Rewinding UV Digital printer is specially designed for printing equipment of flexible materials. The roll-to-roll printing mode has broken through the bottleneck of digital printing technology, and realized the true sense of a piece of starting printing without plate making full-color image completed at one time. It is the replacement product of traditional printing machine, with feeding and receiving functions, it is convenient and quick to use.


Here is the content list:

The classification of Rewinding UV Digital printer and the difference between them

The advantages of Rewinding UV Digital printer



The classification of Rewinding UV Digital printer and the difference between them

(1) Press wheel UV printer: Press wheel UV printercan be said to be the entry machine of coiling machine. The strength of the press wheel type pulling material is much smaller than that of the roller type. It smoothing the material through the press wheel on the printing platform at the same time to realize the unwinding and rewinding of the material through the roller.

(2) Roller type UV printer: Roller type UV printer is through the strong pull of several large cots to achieve the material unwinding and rewinding, there is no pressure wheel on the platform.

The difference between the two:

1) cost: the cost of the roller shaft itself is much higher than that of the steel roller, so in the case of the same size and the same configuration, the roller to roller UV printer is more expensive than the press wheel UV printer. As for the specific difference, it also depends on the quality of the materials used by the manufacturer.

2) traction effect: the steel rolling force of the press wheel UV printer is small, and the roll-to-roll is better than the press wheel because of the use of thick roller shaft, so the traction effect will be better than the press wheel, and there will be no material folds caused by the press wheel resulting in scratching of the nozzle or uneven printing.

The advantages of Rewinding UV Digital printer

Rewinding UV Digital printer, can be printed sheet and coil machine Print coil, its core lies in the conduction band transmission accuracy, and the suction system platform Coil is different from general media, in the case of tensile heat wrinkle prone to deformation, which affects the print quality So constant tension system is to assess the UV plate bending machine an important measure of quality The biggest advantage of this UV coil printer is that all the plates and coils can be printed, which has a wide range of applications

Rewinding UV Digital printer, it is specifically for coil printing machines Advantage of this kind of UV coil machine step precision is high, the coil constant tension control system is good, go smoothly Roll to roll type UV coil machine to print on the soft material printing not only ensure the accuracy, and ensure the speed Especially soft film printing solutions, but also has more advantages Because the soft film is cheap, more advertising manufacturers are willing to choose it as a substrate, but the soft film is easy to change, roll to roll type UV printer to provide a new solution to soft film printing to a new height

At the same time, Rewinding UV Digital printer also has the advantages of conventional UV printer, UV coil printing operation process is simple and convenient, one piece of printing, no plate making, no film, low cost and small batch product printing and spraying, personalized customization, simple operation and easy maintenance Quick printing speed, complex and changeable colors can be easily printed at one time, no need to color, color gradual transition natural.

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