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The overview of UVLED ink-jet printer

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The overview of UVLED ink-jet printer

The equipment uses the latest UV LED light curing technology and high precision linear micro-step drive. The new UV LED curing system produces almost no heat and is suitable for a variety of thermal sensitive media, such as foamed plastic digital channel boards, PVC, acrylic and styrene panels due to UV The ultraviolet light emitted by the LED lights immediately solidifies the ink, eliminating the drying time required by other technologies and greatly improving production efficiency.


Here is the content list:

The luminous principle of UVLED

Technical characteristics of UVLED

Introduction of UV curable ink


The luminous principle of UVLED

Ultraviolet light-emitting diode (LED) refers to a kind of light-emitting diode (LED) that can emit near-ultraviolet light. Its light-emitting principle is the same as that of ordinary light-emitting diodes. Fifty years ago, people have already understood the basic knowledge that semiconductor materials can produce light Short for "Diode," it's basically a piece of electroluminescent semiconductor material that sits on a shelf with leads and is sealed around with an epoxy resin that protects the inner core, so LEDs are resistant to earthquakes.

Technical characteristics of UVLED

1) 5mm purple light are glass packaging, nickel plated alloy shell, further improve the luminous efficiency of purple light, reduce the attenuation of purple light, prolong the service life.

2) Two pins are gold-plated.

3) High luminous intensity.

4) Stable and reliable quality.

Light source wavelength editing

Introduction of UV curable ink

UV-curable ink-jet ink, also known as UV ink, is a kind of ink-jet ink that began to appear and develop rapidly in recent years, especially used in the digital plate ink-jet machine, can be applied to including hard plate, soft material, foam material, PVC, resin glass, wood, metal sheet and other substrates Due to its wide base material adaptability and environmental friendness (no chemical volatiles are emitted), it is favored by users.

Ink-jet ink is divided into three categories according to its main components: water-based ink, solvent-based ink and UV curable ink-jet ink water-based ink is low cost, no pollution.Solvent ink, the solvent will be directly integrated with the medium, does not require the medium to be coated, and its volatile speed is fast, to meet the requirements of high-speed printing. But the biggest problem of solvent ink is environmental protection, because the content of volatile organic compounds in the ink is high, and in the long run, it will gradually be limited by many restrictions. As a special solvent ink, UV-Curable Ink ink-jet solidifies immediately after ultraviolet exposure, firmly adheres to the surface of the medium, and will not be dissolved in water or other organic solvents. On the one hand, it solves the problem that water-based ink is not easy to dry, and because there is no organic matter emission in the curing process (VOC is almost 0), there is no environmental protection problem of solvent-based ink, thus greatly expanding the application field of ink-jet technology, so that the ink-jet machine can almost directly print on any material.

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