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The overview of Single sheet UV ink-jet printer

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The overview of Single sheet UV ink-jet printer

It has broken through the bottleneck of digital printing technology, and realized the real sense of one start printing without plate-making full-color image printing, which has many advantages over traditional printing technology The original design and manufacturing is mainly used for hard material printing, it broke through the ink-jet technology can only be printed on soft materials, is a major breakthrough in the history of ink-jet technology, marking the birth of the era of ink-jet technology into many fields.


Here is the content list:

The definition of single sheet UV ink-jet printer

The application of single sheet UV ink-jet printer

The advantages of single sheet UV ink-jet printer


The definition of single sheet UV ink-jet printer

Single sheet UV ink-jet printers in a foreign country has many years of history, it cannot be considered in the existing wide market outside an additional piece of image image, but in the positioning of the short-term screen printing market cheaper alternative For short-term application of large images, the traditional way of silk screen printing need high cost, and single sheet UV ink-jet printer print economy a lot At least 30% of flatbeds are not used for traditional graphics, but for other unique personalized applications, such as when a British company bought three UV flatbeds to spray paint toilet seats for customers UV flatbed printer adopts the latest LED technology, power only 80W, energy saving and environmental protection, no preheating, no thermal radiation, no deformation of printing materials, long life of LED lamp, waterproof and UV protection, the use and maintenance cost is very low.


The application of single sheet UV ink-jet printer

1. POP display board

POP panels are one of the most important applications for wide-format images, from digital printing to printing and screen printing, accounting for 42% of the wide-format image market. UV ink directly printed on the hard plate, such as: KT board, acrylic board, plexiglass board and so on, reduce the trouble of film, fading, foaming, and save a lot of labor.

2. Hard signs

Hard sign production is very like POP, is also a flatbed printer beneficiaries, the use of UV ink with ink flatbed printer can be directly printed to the final sign material, such as metal, wood, plastic and so on. Relative to the traditional practice: spray painting or printing on the adhesive film material and then paste up, which reduces the process, reduces the cost, and increases the firmness.

3. Cardboard or corrugated paper packaging

Another well-established target area for flatbeds is packaging, an industry that is expected to grow to more than $80 billion worldwide. Packaging companies that primarily use aniline printing, screen printing, and stencil printing can purchase flatbed printers for proofing and direct output to small batch customized customers.

4. Professional market (special products and decoration market)


The advantages of single sheet UV ink-jet printer

1. Adopts the latest technology of focusing reflection cover, so that the reflected UV light energy concentration, high efficiency of light curing, is conducive to the thick ink layer of ink curing, can make the ink deep completely curing, rapid drying, avoid dust pollution in the air, affect the printing effect 
2. Choosing the best mirror aluminum oxide plate, is the reflectivity of UV cold light source to reach more than 90 percent, greatly improve the utilization of ultraviolet light, reduce energy consumption; Unlike some refitted small manufacturers, steel set iron to cheat customers, not only short service life, and poor reflection efficiency, resulting in ink can not dry solidification 
3. Because different inks in the ultraviolet wavelength curing is not the same, so the need to match the special UV lamp How to ensure the rated full power output of the UV lamp has become the top priority, in the choice of transformers, our company uses imported transformers from the EU, the service life is long, and stable, is more than 3 times the life of ordinary transformers.

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