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Inkjet solutions introduces New Series digital printing module

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Inkjet solutions introduces New Series digital printing module

Inkjet solutions is pleased to announce the launch of its i-jet AQ 2800 Series products. This multi-function printing technology using water-based ink will enable end users to improve the quality of their digital printing production, while reducing the investment cost of using water-based digital printing systems.

   The main benefits of water-based pigment technology include that it can print on more substrate materials and reduce printing costs, while meeting the needs of many markets and applications.

   John Richardson, general manager of inkjet solutions, said: "this is a good supplement to our existing digital system, enabling us to provide application solutions based on performance and flexibility. In addition, what is particularly beneficial to customers is that Duraflex long-life print heads have a longer life than early memjet print heads."

  The print width of i-jet AQ 2800 is 324mm, and the print output resolution is 1600 x 1585dpi. Printing speed: 27m/min at 1600 x 1600dpi and 46 m/min at 1600 x 954dpi. According to the company, the Duraflex print head technology used in this module can achieve cost-effective and high-quality printing through twice the nozzle redundancy and accurate droplet volume (2.4 PL).

  i-jet AQ 2800 can be used to transform and upgrade the existing narrow width wheel transfer brush machine and processing equipment, or it can be used as an independent solution with different printing processing options.

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