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How much is a computer variable data inkjet printer?

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How much is a computer variable data inkjet printer?

How much is a computer inkjet printer?

How much is a computer inkjet printer? This concept is actually very simple. Many people misunderstand that the computer inkjet printer is another kind of inkjet identification equipment. In fact, it is not. The meaning of the computer is more intelligent. Usually, customers use this name to refer to the variable data inkjet printer.

Variable Codes Printer for Masks PPE And Medical Devices for UDI Compliance

Price of computer inkjet printer in years of market development, many brand manufacturers and well-known suppliers have been well known by everyone, such as weidijie, domino, Yima, danamajet and other brands. After more than ten years of industry accumulation, they have realized automatic product identification work schemes for hundreds of factories.

As a kind of friendly name for variable data inkjet printer, computer inkjet printer can be used in many industry scenarios, such as electronic circuit boards, computer components, mobile phone screens, building materials, cartons and other packaging products.

With the popularity of identification equipment, many product manufacturers will assign codes and identify products through inkjet printer. According to different product types and actual inkjet printing needs, computer inkjet printer also has many categories, such as small character, high resolution, large character, thermal foaming, thermal transfer, micro character, pigment type, dye type, laser coding and so on.

In short, the inkjet printer that can be controlled by the computer or the more intelligent coding equipment can be called the computer inkjet printer.

Variable Codes Printer for Masks PPE And Medical Devices for UDI Compliance

Generally speaking, how much is the price of a computer inkjet printer?

In the market, the price of an imported brand of intelligent inkjet printer is between 5000 and 10000 USD. Of course, the premise of this price is the basic black ink printer, and there is no special customization of some other targeted software functions.

Some computer inkjet printers can be equipped with multiple nozzles, so as to realize the inkjet printing effect of large format similar to printing. They can have a very excellent identification effect on some permeable materials, and can present data contents such as pictures, logos, specification and model forms, dynamic two-dimensional codes and dynamic bar codes at one time.

Such a computer inkjet printer is more expensive. According to the number of nozzles, the price ranges from 10000 to 50000. The danmajet thermal foaming inkjet printer model has up to 24 nozzles working at the same time, and the printing information height of a single nozzle is 12.7mm, and so on.

Some computer inkjet printers support software customization and update integration, including remote control, wireless transmission of information, automatic ink path cleaning, communication with production line or factory MES and printing variable information. The increase or customization of these functions will increase the procurement cost, and the specific price will change according to the situation.

What should we pay attention to when purchasing computer inkjet printer?

After knowing the current market situation of the price of computer inkjet printer, we have achieved preliminary psychological expectations on the issues of market transparency and how much the equipment is.

In the market, there are a wealth of brand matrices and different price ranges. As users and manufacturers, they will encounter some misunderstandings when buying. Next, let's briefly popularize the potential profits.

When buying a computer inkjet printer, we must pay attention to whether it is a regular channel, regular manufacturer, regular agent \ supplier. In the process of use, we will encounter various problems, including installation, commissioning, maintenance, maintenance, upgrading and other situations. It is not as mature as ordinary household appliances after purchase.

Understand the demand, understand the price, recognize the brand, and analyze the procurement process

1. Early purchase. When purchasing in the early stage, we should pay attention to distinguish the category and model, especially determine the type and determine the printing effect. It is suggested that we must test the printing effect of the actual sample for reference, so as to avoid failing to meet the expected appearance after purchase, resulting in wrong purchase; In addition, when purchasing, if conditions permit, it is best to find suppliers close to each other to facilitate factory inspection and ensure later use and maintenance efficiency.

2. Medium term use. Through the early negotiation, contract signing, payment, installation and commissioning, on-site acceptance and other links, in the medium-term use stage, we should pay attention to making a systematic and standardized operation and use procedure for the computer inkjet printer, which is also a standardized operation process (SOP). No matter who operates, we can ensure a correct use process.

3. Post maintenance. This is mainly about the maintenance of the computer inkjet printer. The maintenance of the ink path system has time requirements, so as to ensure the inkjet printing effect and the service life of the whole machine. In addition, when it comes to the warranty period, it is recommended that new users pay attention to the warranty period in the contract and the price of some vulnerable parts to prevent the price of some parts from being unacceptable after the warranty.

Since its establishment, danmajet has been deeply engaged in the identification industry for 10 years. We have rich experience in this field, and the scenario application scheme is more mature. Welcome to consult.

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