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Application of laser marking machine in consumer electronics industry

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Application of laser marking machine in consumer electronics industry

The laser marking machine uses laser output laser to realize the marking function through the high-speed scanning galvanometer system.

The laser marking machine has high optical conversion efficiency and is cooled by air cooling. It has small volume, good light output speed and high reliability. Laser marking technology is different from ordinary silk screen printing and heat transfer printing. The characters or patterns obtained by laser marking can realize sexual identification. The unique personalized pattern carving can be any graphic element, such as flowers and grass, landscape, cultural landscape, etc.

Laser marking is a personalized laser carving method, that is, it uses advanced laser marking technology to carve personalized patterns, and relies on the glare of the built-in LED background light of the mouse to reflect the change effect of color patterns. The core idea of the laser marking machine is to creatively combine the three elements of culture, technology and individual consumption, and use high-tech means to display the broad and profound Chinese culture and the world mainstream European and American culture on the mouse and keyboard.

Mouse and keyboard is not only a product, but also a cultural handicraft, which can express the personal feelings of consumers. Interest and unique taste can better meet the growing needs of personalized consumer groups. Therefore, for products such as mouse and keyboard, the logo should be marked by laser with good performance to improve the good experience of consumers.

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