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What are the benefits and functional advantages of UV variable data inkjet printer?

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What are the benefits and functional advantages of UV variable data inkjet printer?

What are the benefits and functional advantages of UV variable data inkjet printer?


Inkjet printer is now widely used in all walks of life. Now it has obtained high benefits in the food industry, because it can directly spray print on food packaging, production batch number, etc. Maybe most people have different understanding of inkjet printer and run well in different environments. Today, Danmajet will introduce to you the advantages of inkjet printer and the benefits of inkjet printer. Next, Danmajet will analyze them for you one by one.

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Advantages of UV high speed inkjet printer


1. Danmajet Ricoh UV high speed inkjet system is based on mature piezoelectric inkjet technology


Based on piezoelectric inkjet technology, weiliguang UV high-speed inkjet system provides us with continuous, high-quality and high-speed inkjet printing and coding.


2. The printing height can be flexibly expanded


The standard UV high-speed inkjet system can control and drive multiple nozzle units of different specifications. The inkjet head units with different printing column heights can be achieved by adding a controller.


3. Superior performance


Ricoh's professional integrated nozzle design with up to four rows and 1280 nozzles, with a printing height of 54mm and 600 resolution, makes the printed content seamless. The standard UV inkjet control system is equipped with optical eye, encoder, serial port and other interfaces. It can realize data communication with inkjet printing unit through USB or network cable interface connection of industrial PC, and support various types of databases.


4. Software


The specially developed professional code printing editing software can easily edit and print in the fields of code changing printing, packaging code printing identification and so on. It has all necessary functions including text database connection such as txt and excel.


5. Remote control


The Verizon UV high-speed inkjet system can be controlled remotely through a comprehensive communication protocol, and the output of multi network can realize the software control of a variety of external devices. It provides convenience for the real-time work of enterprise production management.


6. Powerful solutions


A variety of optional nozzle height designs can easily realize content height printing applications including different specifications. Through the combination of hardware and software, a powerful digital inkjet printing integrated system can be realized for production.


Functional advantages of UV digital inkjet printer


1. It adopts the Feeder of the printing machine, is equipped with a paper stacking auxiliary table, and has a unique non-stop automatic paper feeding function. The speed of the paper feeder can reach 8500 sheets / hour.


2. Optional powder removing device: the double powder removing device of brush roller can effectively remove the dust sprayed on the paper products during printing and will not scratch the products. It is easy to adjust and operate, so as to improve the printing quality and reduce the blockage of the nozzle.


3. The lengthened cable-stayed steel ball side gauge is used for positioning, and the paper positioning is accurate. The deviation correction range is up to, and the adjustment is convenient.


4. The vacuum platform is used to adsorb the area, and the paper feeding is calm to ensure that the paper is sprayed in the vacuum platform.


5. The thickened steel plate structure is adopted to ensure the stability of the coding platform. Low noise fan is adopted to ensure that the paper is stable and pasted.


6. It adopts stable spray printing system, imported industrial piezoelectric nozzle, all metal design, gold plating on the nozzle surface, high service life and low maintenance.


To sum up, the above articles hope to help you with the benefits and functional advantages of Ricoh inkjet printer.

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