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Inkjet coding printer for pharmaceutical industry

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Inkjet coding printer for pharmaceutical industry

GS1 system is the most mature, fully supported and widely accepted article unique coding system in iso/iec 15459 series standards. The article unique identification code in GS1 system, that is, the distribution of drug traceability code, is managed at different levels. For China, the local branch of GS1 is China article coding Center (GS1 China), which is responsible for ensuring the uniqueness of enterprise segment code, Drug related enterprises are responsible for assigning globally unique item codes to the logistics units they produce or combine, and assigning each identification object after carrying them with various automatic identification technologies.


According to the regulations, the holder of the drug marketing license and the manufacturer, as the manufacturer of the drug, are the first responsible person, and should perform the responsibility of drug information traceability management. According to the requirements of the unified drug traceability code, the product sales packaging units at all levels are given a unique traceability mark to achieve information traceability; When selling drugs, relevant traceability information shall be provided to downstream enterprises or medical institutions for verification and feedback. In addition, drug marketing license holders and manufacturers also need to be able to trace the information of drugs in the downstream of the supply chain. Through the traceability system, they can timely and accurately obtain the whole process information of the circulation and use of drugs produced in the wholesale and retail enterprises and users.

According to the regulations and industry requirements, the pharmaceutical industry must spray print the data matrix QR code containing the GS1 application identifier, so as to manage the information of drugs and corresponding medical consumables and standardize the products. In order to meet the requirements of the industry and regularization, it can be realized by using a printer that can spray two-dimensional code bar code, which is simple and efficient.

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