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An introduction to the encoding machine

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An introduction to the encoding machine

Encoding machine is the signal (such as bitstream) or data is programmed into a signal form that can be used for communication transmission and storage equipment encoder converts angular displacement or linear displacement into electrical signals, the former is called code disk, the latter is called code ruler according to the reading way encoder can be divided into contact and non-contact type two; According to the working principle, encoders can be divided into incremental and absolute types. Incremental encoders convert the displacement into periodic electrical signals, and then convert the electrical signals into counting pulses. The number of pulses represents the magnitude of displacement Each position of the absolute encoder corresponds to a definite digital code, so its indicating value is only related to the starting and ending positions of the measurement, and is independent of the intermediate process of the measurement.


Here is the content list:

  • Classification of encoding machine

  • How the encoder works?

  • l The main role of encoding machine


Classification of encoding machine

  • According to the code plate of different types of holes

  •  Incremental type: It is to send out A pulse signal every unit Angle (there are also sines and cosine signals, and then subdivide them, and chop out pulses of higher frequency), which is usually the output of A phase, B phase and Z phase. A phase and B phase are the pulse output with 1/4 cycle delay each other. According to the delay relationship, positive and negative rotation can be distinguished. By taking the rising and falling edges of phase A and phase B, 2 or 4 frequency octaves can be carried out. The Z phase is a single cycle pulse, that is, one pulse is emitted per cycle.

  • Absolute value type: that is, corresponding to one turn, the Angle of each reference sends out a unique binary value corresponding to the Angle, and multiple positions can be recorded and measured through an external loop recording device.

  • According to the output type of the signal, it can be divided into voltage output, collector open-circuit output, push-pull complementary output and long wire drive output.

  • Classified by encoder mechanical installation form

  • Shaft type: Shaft type can be divided into clamping flange type, synchronous flange type and servo installation type, etc. [2]

  • sleeve type: sleeve type can be divided into half air type, all air type and large caliber type, etc.

  • by encoder working principle can be divided into: photoelectric, magnetoelectric and contact brush.


How the encoder works?

By a central shaft of light code disc, on which there are circular dark scribed line, have read photoelectric emission and receiving devices, obtain four groups of sine wave signal is combined into A B C D, each sine wave 90 degree phase difference (as opposed to A cycle of 360 degrees), reverse the C D signal and superimposed on A two phase B, can strengthen stability of signal; In addition, a Z pulse is output per revolution to represent the zero reference bit.


The main role of encoding machine

It is a rotary sensor that converts rotational displacements into a series of digital pulses that can be used to control angular displacements or, if the encoder is combined with a gear bar or helical lead screw, to measure linear displacements.


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