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An overview of variable data printing

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An overview of variable data printing

Variable Data Printing is a kind of on-demand Printing, also known as Variable Data Printing (VDP). Variable Information Printing, or VIP; Personalized Printing; Customized Printing; Database Publishing; Whatever the name, the essence is the same, that is, on each printed matter or publication to print different content, including words, digital pictures, barcodes. Variable data digital printing refers to the continuous printing process under the condition that the printing machine does not stop, the need to change the print text (also known as the data), that is, in the printing process without interruption on the premise of continuous printing of different print text.


Here is the content list:

  • Introduction to variable data  printing

  • The generation background of variable data printing

  • The classification of  variable data printing

  • Applications of variable data printing


Introduction to variable data printing

Digital printing plays an important role in the field of short print color printing, and personalized printing (changeable data printing) is an important part of digital printing, here the so-called personalized printing is compared to the traditional printing method can only print a number of quantities at a time The same content of the printed matter, that is, whether you print 1000 sheets or 100,000 sheets, each sheet of the text is exactly the same, exactly the same; Personalized printing means that in the process of printing, the printed image or text can be constantly changed according to the preset content and format, so that the first to the last printed matter has different image text or barcode, and each printed matter can be designed and printed for its specific distribution objects Personalized printing in the field of foreign print-on-demand is growing so fast, on the one hand, because producers have started to consciously to their target customer development target market: on the other hand, is the ultimate user of printed matter is more and more emphasis on their own personalized, higher requirements on the quality of the printing quality, thus promote the popularization and application of personalized printing.

The generation background of variable data printing

Studies have shown that personalised print results in higher response rates, faster response times, higher customer satisfaction, and increased order volumes According to a Venture study, personalized direct mail ads with variable data printing increased response rates to target customers by 34%, repeat orders by 48%, average order volume by 25%, response time to target customers by 35%, and sales and profits by 32%.

The classification of  variable data printing

Variable data printing can be divided into the following categories according to different imaging principles:

  • Electrophoto graphic printing

  •  Ink-jet printing system

  • Others: Elcography, Magnetography, Blectron-Beam Imaging, and ToneJet.

Applications of variable data printing

Applicable to banking, securities, insurance, telecommunications, education, automobile, real estate, catering, manufacturing, entertainment, advertising, printing and other business documents, including the production of massive personalized cards. Variable data printing can improve the efficiency of printing communication by specifically printing out copies for individual customers, generating more effective feedback rates and attention rates, and maximizing the printing of personalized printed matter in line with customer requirements and opinions.


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