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Apparel Tags Boutique Tags Price Tags Furniture Tags and Cards Printing Machine


1) This UV printing machine is customized for printing continually variable signal such as one-dimension code, two-dimension code, words and graph on product hand tags.

2) High stability:

Conveying platform is steel plate. The structure is shock resistance designed and tested to ensure the stability of running.
The conveying belts are imported wide type without connections to ensure the conveying stability of high speed sheets.
Big adjustable vacuum flow to make the paper conveying stable and accurate.

3) Stable inkjet printing system:
Imported industry piezoelectric nozzle, full metal design, long service life, low maintain cost.

4) Safe and easy to operate
PLC control together with man-machine interface will display the operation status, malfunction and diagnose and operation requirement. All the settings are displayed in the screen and changed by the function button according to instruction in the man-machine interface.
  • VDG540

  • Danmajet


1. The equipment is developed and produced by Danmajet Company, and mainly consists of high-speed digital inkjet system, UVLED curing system, negative pressure ink supply system, high-speed inkjet software system, etc.

2. It is suitable for high-speed inkjet printing of product name, number, logo, date, variable barcode, two-dimensional code, invisible anti-counterfeit code and other contents on the surface of various films, labels, metals and other materials.

3. Use imported (Ricoh G5, Japan) high-speed and high-precision industrial piezoelectric nozzle.

4. Use environment-friendly black LED UV ink for stable printing without stopping the machine.

5. Configure UVLED UV curing lamp for curing treatment.

6. It is optional to install an industrial vision online detection system to identify and detect the product name, number, QR code and other relevant information.

7. The high-speed inkjet system can be installed on various intaglio printing machines, flexo printing machines, packaging lines and other equipment to realize online printing; The rewinder can also be used to roll to roll, single sheet feeding, cover and other offline methods. High speed, high precision and stable operation.

8. Inkjet printing speed: 70-180 m/min, stable and reliable.

9. The independently developed variable data printing software platform is easy to operate and ensures the safety and flexibility of data printing; Ports can be provided to connect with the data system.

10. The surface and interior of the equipment shall be clean, orderly and tidy.


1. All configurations match different customer needs and production capacity.

2. It has the function of joint control program

High-speed inkjet system can realize linkage with various online printing and packaging equipment, offline equipment, detection equipment, etc., realize automatic stop of printing, alarm stop of unqualified content, forward and backward functions, and reduce waste.

3. Anti-leakage code function of inkjet software

During inkjet printing, the system monitors whether there is empty code monitoring on the printing head in real time to prevent user data from being empty.

4. Anti-code function of inkjet software

The system monitors and prompts whether each ejected file has been printed.

5. The software parameters are simple and can be set; Print templates can be preset and called at any time.

6. The equipment shall be equipped with a status indicator to prompt the equipment operation, ink supply, signal reception and other status.

7. The equipment operates continuously and stably for 24 hours, and can continuously produce qualified products.

Ethernet gigabit data transmission, high stability, high-speed inkjet printing

At 600 * 600dpi resolution , inkjet printing speed ≥ 75m/min

At 600 * 400dpi resolution , inkjet printing speed ≥ 91m/min

At 600 * 300dpi resolution , inkjet printing speed ≥ 125m/min

At 600 * 200 dpi resolution ,inkjet printing speed ≥ 160 m/min

8. Software typesetting operating system

A. Typography is easy to learn, fast to operate.

B. Flexible typesetting mode, seamless printing, typesetting and printing of anti-counterfeit information in any spray printing area.

C. It is equipped with the automatic memory function of printing template, input the file, bind the new data file, and then start printing.

D. The print template can be accessed directly.

9. Adjustment of printing effect

A. The printing resolution can be adjusted freely according to specific requirements.

B. According to the characteristics of the printing material and printing requirements, the voltage can be adjusted at any time to achieve the adjustment of the size of the ink drop on the printing head, to achieve the best printing quality, or to achieve special effects to meet the personalized needs of customers.

C. The software has trimming function to reduce scattered points during spraying and improve printing quality.

D. In the process of inkjet printing, the up and down, left and right positions of the nozzle can be adjusted through software.

10. Software printing interface: real-time display of printing speed, number of printed pages, data cache, ink temperature, nozzle status and other parameters.


1. The equipment shall be stable and reliable during operation, with sensitive operation, low vibration and low noise.

2. The width of a single nozzle is 54mm, and the number of nozzles can be freely combined and seamlessly spliced.

3. Ink dot size:7PL-21PL.

4. The nozzle is made of all-steel material, which has strong corrosion resistance.

5. It has one-button cleaning function, which is not easy to cause damage to the nozzle.

6. It has the function of one-button evacuation, so that there is no liquid inside the nozzle, which can be idle for a long time.

7. The nozzle has a one-button lifting function.

8. The sprinkler and control wiring are designed as a whole, and the contact between the wiring and the sprinkler is stable.

9. Brand industrial computer is equipped with WIN10 operating system.

10. Ink supply system: the automatic ink supply system is used to ensure that the ink at the nozzle is in the state of constant temperature and pressure, and the ink is accurately and smoothly delivered to each nozzle. The information printed by the ink jet is continuously full of ink and uniform in line.

11. Constant pressure algorithm: each module is controlled independently by negative pressure and positive pressure, and the control accuracy can reach 0.1Kpa to ensure the stability of the ink supply system and the quality of high-speed inkjet printing.

12. Single-valve exhaust technology: ensure that there is no dissolved air after the ink enters the ink circuit system, and avoid disconnection, flying ink and other conditions in the production process.

13. The segmented filtering technology is adopted, and different filters are used alternately to ensure that the ink is absolutely clean before entering the nozzle.

14. The secondary ink station+ solenoid valve control mode is adopted to reduce ink leakage, and the printing effect is more stable and reliable.

15. UVLED curing lamp group

A. Use cold light source for quick start.

B. Chip integration, high energy and low power, low heat generation.

C. Korea or equivalent.

D. It has the functions of automatic temperature rise and water flow detection protection.

E. Automatically adjust the brightness of curing lamp according to the movement speed to ensure the quality of inkjet printing.

F. The curing device shall be sealed and protected from light, and the nozzle properly protected.

G. Industrial water cooler.

16. The speed synchronizer is designed independently to ensure accurate real-time speed pulse synchronization and full and undistorted printed content.

17. The color code sensor imported from Japan supports multiple color modes and can effectively shield the interference of unwanted color difference signals.

UV DOD GS1 Variable Codes Printing System

Automatic Cleaning Nozzle Continuous Industrial UV Digital Coding Printer

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