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Application of inkjet printer in variable data 2D codes

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Application of inkjet printer in variable data 2D codes

Application of inkjet printer in variable data 2D codes

Inkjet printer is one of the main ways for us to see the industrial chain. Now we are always in the process of one object and one code, so inkjet printer is very useful in our real life. Today, Danmajet will introduce the application of two-dimensional code identification.

Application of inkjet printer in two-dimensional code direction

1. QR code is a new product rising in product marketing and identification in recent years. Because of the strong error correction ability and large information reserves of QR code itself, QR code can be applied in many products. At present, there are two kinds of QR codes widely used in identification, both of which have good application prospects.

2. QR code in QR code has "error correction function". Even if the code becomes dirty or damaged, the data can be recovered automatically. This "error correction capability" has multiple levels. We choose the corresponding level according to the use environment. In some precision products, the identification area is a very sensitive data. The sensitivity of QR code can help these precision products to carry out the exquisite identification of products.

3. Using two-dimensional code as identification can be completed by inkjet printer. At present, the widely used QR codes in the market are DM code and QR code. The former requires lower requirements for inkjet printer, has a longer development history and has a very rich application examples. The application of QR code has also made great breakthroughs in recent years. In use, technology can provide support. Some high-end inkjet printers can be used for direct identification, and can follow the production line. The application of this inkjet printer technology will also provide a better identification and marketing platform for more industries in the future.

How to select high quality two-dimensional code inkjet printer for veterinary drugs

1. In fact, the so-called high quality means good quality and less maintenance. The high quality in the eyes of customers is that they hope the quality is good enough not to provide after-sales service. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a large brand of inkjet printer when selecting. 

2. Specific advantages of high-quality veterinary medicine QR code inkjet printer: the nozzle adopts 36mm high inkjet printing, which almost meets the inkjet printing of large, medium and small drug supervision codes, electronic supervision codes, QR codes, bar codes, logos, pictures, patterns, numbers and Chinese and English characters. In addition, the automatic cleaning function of the spray nozzle installed on the code spraying machine can meet the continuous work for a long time without a series of veterinary drug code spraying machine faults such as nozzle blockage. Therefore, it reduces the trouble reporting of the inkjet printer and saves time and effort, which is also one of the standards for selecting high-quality veterinary drug QR code inkjet printer.

To sum up, the above words of the application of inkjet printer in QR code direction hopes to help you.

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