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Automatic production process of QR code inkjet coding printer

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Automatic production process of QR code inkjet coding printer

Advantages and disadvantages of inkjet coding printer and automatic production process

We all know that QR code inkjet coding printer is very common in our daily life, and supermarket snacks will be needed. Today,Danmajet will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of different models of inkjet printer in QR code assignment and automatic production process.

Automatic production process of QR code inkjet coding printer.

1. The commonly used inkjet printer in the market includes small character inkjet printer, high-resolution inkjet printer, hot foaming high-resolution image inkjet printer, laser marking machine and so on. These models can be easily completed in the implementation of QR code. However, in practical application, due to different jet printing sizes and different jet printing intelligibility of various models, there are some limitations in QR code assignment. For example, the small character inkjet printer has a printing definition of 70dpi. In terms of QR code assignment, it needs a high-quality scanning gun to complete QR code assignment and data acquisition.

2. High resolution inkjet printer and thermal foaming high-resolution image inkjet printer can be easily solved by ordinary scanning gun because of their high printing definition. However, their high printing definition also determines that their application fields have certain limitations, which are not suitable for all industries, and their application in two-dimensional code also has certain limitations.

Automatic production process of QR code inkjet coding printer.

1. The computer transmits the detected product information to our inkjet printer. The product information detected by computer is essentially the basic information of enterprise products. The computer transmits the product information stored in ERP system to inkjet printer for data preprocessing.

2. The inkjet printer receives the information and generates the corresponding product QR code by using the software carried by the inkjet printer according to the information. The QR code here can be a QR code for a batch of products or a QR code for a product, which will not be repeated here.

3. The inkjet printer will sense the product and print the generated relevant QR code on the product.

4. The QR code acquisition and elimination system scans and collects the sprayed products. When there is an unrecognized QR code, the system will automatically eliminate it and re spray the relevant QR code. Products with QR codes that have been successfully scanned can enter the market for circulation.

5. When consumers purchase products, they can query the product information through the "scan" function of the mobile phone to complete the traceability of the whole product.

To sum up, the above articles hope to help you with the advantages, disadvantages and production process of QR code inkjet.

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