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Building Glass Cables Cement And Aggregate Bags Thermal Inkjet Printer

Designed for use on challenging substrates, our intelligent, high-resolution modular VD1-4 Series thermal inkjet printers are simple to install, maintain, and use on your production line.

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Building Glass Cables Cement And Aggregate Bags Thermal Inkjet Printer

Trusted thermal inkjet (TIJ) printing solutions

VD1-4 Series thermal inkjet printing solutions are versatile, easy to integrate, easy to operate - the perfect fit on many printing applications and substrates. With the latest networking technology and producing graphic code quality, the VD1-4 Series TIJ printers are ideal not only for batch and date coding but also for complex code formats, check weighing and track & trace applications across many industries.

If you are looking for a coding solution that is designed for high-resolution printing at high line speeds with complete reliability VD1-4 Series TIJ printers can meet your needs.

Clean. Clear. High Speed Coding.

1.Graphic printing quality, on paper, card, plastic, metal and many other materials

2.Flexible   label design: text, counters, clocks, graphics, logos, barcodes can all be included on the same label

3.Grade   A code readability using Danamjet inks on high-density Data Matrix codes.

In   terms of N95/KN95 face masks, manufacturers are usually required to print  information, including the model

number, GB National Standard number, a brief description of its use and the   manufacturer’s logo design, as

well   as other traceability information onto each mask. Danmajet thermal inkjet printer can meet the requirements of diverse types of face mask coding applications:

  • Extremely simple integration of a modular design control board and print-heads to  customer

production lines

  • High resolution inkjet printing of up to 600dpi for clear and distinct printing of items such as logos

  • A GAMP  Certification Guide provided so medical device customers can rest  assured of compliance

  • Wide selection of inks which provide high-contrast results and ensure operator safety

Primary and secondary packaging code deployment
  Face mask packaging boxes and bags require marking with production date,   production batch number, date of expiry and a tracking 2-D barcode containing relevant batch details.Danmajet VD1-4 small character inkjet

printers provide a highly efficient and stable code assignment service to face mask   production:

  • Fast printing of  neat and distinct codes

  • Maintenance-free,  for reduced machine downtime and increased production line capacity

  • Versatile communication for high speed serialisation and variable 2-D barcodes

  • Highly durable  equipment, making it adaptable to even the harshest of production  environments

VD1-4 High Speed


Interface:A serial port, Ethernet front-end ports, magic eye, encoder interface, print nozzle interface.

Spray printing precision and the corresponding print speed:
60 m/min (600 x 600 dpi)
90 m/min(600 x 300 dpi)
120 m/min (600 x 200 dpi)
150 m/min (600 x 150 dpi)

Ink system
Ink cartridge,ink bag, ink system

The sensor
Support multiple external sensors (NPN, contact type)

300 ppi synchronizer

The power supply requirements

Single phase, 110-120 vac 50/60 hz 3.2 A
Single phase, 220-240 vac 50/60 hz 1.6 A

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Building Glass Cables Cement And Aggregate Bags Thermal Inkjet Printer

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