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Caps 5W UV Laser Marking Machine

All of the lasers are fully featured providing real-time, date and logos and a wide range of barcodes and 2D codes.
1.No consumables
2.No inks or solvents
3.Long life
4.High speed operation
5.Tolerant of harsh environments
6.Superb print quality
7.Permanent mark
8.Mimimum maintenance requirements

  • Danmajet

Caps 5W UV Laser Marking Machine

Machine introduction

Low Power DMUVJ UV Laser (3W/5W/10W) is featured with compact structure with extremely convenient installation and debugging. They have adopted the built-in laser diode technology to avoid the effect of fiber shaking on output laser. Besides, the beam quality is excellent enough to ensure the stability and reliability for mass production, which can meet the special manufacturing and processing demand in harsh industrial working condition..


Machine features

• German laser technology, independent research and development design, Germany 100-class clean room, full set of German production process. 

• UV laser source life over 5000 hours.

• Laser source, control box, dual-load connector connection, separable, unlimited extension

• Excellent laser beam quality, M²<1.2. High beam pointing stability

• KLF / Marking Mate marking software, easy operate / powerful function

• UV laser mainly for marking PE,PPT,plastic,glass materials.


Technical parameters

Item Name

   Technical Parameter




Laser power



Laser wavelength




Laser type

             UV laser source



Marking area




Repetition Rates





Pulse width






Beam-pointing Stability

           < 25μrad



Ambient temperature


Rated power consumption


Operating voltage

         110V- 240V/50-60Hz/15A


Water Cooling

Packing size

1020*800*1330mm / 555*483*780mm (L*W*H)




Gross weight

260 KG


 Machine configuration


        Brands, Original


UV laser source

Germany Technology

Made in DEHUI Laser


• DANMA Laser, made in China

• High beam pointing stability

• Wide repetition rate

• Controllable with RS232 interface


Scanner head

Made in China


• Highest dynamics

• High flexibility

• Best versatility

• Highest precision


Marking Software


CNF-160 marking software


Water chiller

 English control manual

 Easy setting

 Working temperature 5-35℃

Caps 5W UV Laser Marking Machine


Caps 5W UV Laser Marking Machine

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