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Diamond Grinding Disc Logo Full Color Digital Printing Machine

1. The precise PLC negative pressure control system controls the accuracy to plus or minus 0.01kpa, ensuring smooth and continuous printing.
2. The physical resolution reaches 600DPI, and the ultra-high resolution brings more stable printing effects. A single nozzle contains 1280 nozzles
3. Stable production speed of 30m-120m/minute.
4. Excellent image processing performance and stable system.
5. Using PC Windows system control, supporting network port and RS232485 serial port, the system is compatible with all Windows data backend servers, transmitting data at high speed, reliability, and stability.
6. Adopting imported LED modules, imported constant current power supply, water circulation cooling, noise free, effectively extending the service life of the modules.
7. Support single head or multi head printing, and can directly install customer production lines to print variable data information and variable image information online.
  • VDG108

  • Danmajet

Type of nozzle: imported piezoelectric nozzle from Japan

Spray printing speed: 30-120 meters/minute

Operating system: Windows 7 64 bit

Spray width: 54.1mm, maximum 430mm, 8 nozzles

Spray printing distance:<7mm

Spray printing accuracy: 600DPI resolution

Applicable ink: UV ink

Spray printing content: color images, logos, color dynamic QR codes/barcodes

Applicable materials: thin film, paper, metal, rubber, and other materials

Power supply: 220V 1.5KW (including UVLED light)

Spray printing unit size: 110mm (length) * 110mm (width) * 380mm (height)

Working humidity: 45% -65% RH

Environmental temperature: 15 ℃ -30 ℃

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