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Flexo Printing Machine UV Inks and Varnishes Inks

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Flexo Printing Machine UV Curing Inks

Flexo printing machine UV ink offers it users a number of advantages. It is one of the very best inks for long-lasting applications, especially on rigid materials. While it is not ideal for printing on materials that are designed to be stretched (for example, on vinyl wraps for vehicles), the formulation of this ink lends itself very well to printing banners, displays, and posters, among other non-stretching materials. One of the biggest benefits of choosing this option over another ink is that UV inkjet ink dries almost immediately after printing. For rush print jobs or high-volume printers, the faster the ink dries, the less chance there is of smearing it and running the print.

Unlike water-based ink, ink that is cured by UV light will not evaporate when exposed to the air. This is one of the biggest flaws of using water-based ink, as the evaporation can change the color and the consistency of the print over time. This does not occur with UV ink. And because the ink will not evaporate when it is in the printer, this type of ink is less likely to clog printers and cause issues with the printing process than other types of ink.

This flexo UV ink is a great option for just about every printing application. If you are looking for replacement inks for your UV printer, you will find no wider selection or better prices anywhere else. Danmajet Inks has the best selection and the best prices. Buy your UV Curable ink today!

Flexo Printing Machine

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