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How to choose and maintenance inkjet date coder

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How to choose and maintenance inkjet date coder

How to choose and maintenance inkjet date coder

There are strict requirements for the performance index of consumables in the design of manual inkjet printer. Such as viscosity, particle size, conductivity, drying time, adhesion, corrosivity, pH value, etc. shall be within a certain range. Consumables of different manufacturers and models cannot be used in general. Therefore, the manufacturer of white ink-jet printer will inform the customer that the use of consumables not approved by the company will have the same consequences as inferior consumables and lose the warranty.

High Speed Variable Data Inkjet Printer

How to care for automatic inkjet expiry date printer

1. At the beginning of each printing, the ink-jet printer shall clean the nozzle surface with cleaning agent. It is not allowed to scratch the nozzle surface with hard objects. It can be brushed with a brush.

2. During the use of the dynamic inkjet printer, the working pressure shall be checked regularly from time to time to ensure the operation at 0.03-0.04mpa; The pressure shall not exceed 0.06mpa. Whether the pressure regulating valve can regulate normally.

3. When the nozzle is covered with dust during the use of inkjet printer, clean the nozzle with cleaning agent and clean the nozzle with cleaning function.

How to correctly select industrial inkjet date printer

1. The operation and maintenance shall be simple and convenient. The operation of the current white ink-jet printer is basically very simple, but some inkjet date printers do not have a English interface, which will be a very troublesome problem for the operator.

2. The use cost should be reasonable. The cost of consumables should be economical and reasonable; If the production is large, choose a white ink-jet printer that can save the cost of consumables. Some manual inkjet printers are cheaper, but the cost of consumables is surprisingly expensive. If the output is small and the capital is limited, it is worth considering.

3. High quality after-sales service. To understand the service system of the manufacturer, perfect service network and service system are necessary conditions to ensure the normal use of white ink-jet printer.

To sum up, the above articles hope we will help you to select one right automatic inkjet date coder or date printer.

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