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Offset Printing Machine UV Curing Inks

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Offset Printing Machine UV Curing Inks

Product specification

1. Fast curing speed, can be widely used in a variety of substrates, with good adhesion  

2. Used of imported monomer raw materials, reduce the skin stimulation of ink effectively

3. Suitable for Synthetic paper, self-adhesive labels, PVC, PC, PE, PP, PET and other non-absorbent materials after processing. Mainly used in film plastic box printing

4. High color concentration, good ink transfer, good dot definition

5. Can be used for Web printing also

Using method

1. No need to add other auxiliary materials, can be directly used on the machine

2. Generally can be used directly, if the viscosity increased due to the changes of external factors, add appropriate ink additive to adjust, but the adding rate should be controlled under in 5%


1. This product can be mixed use with each other, but can not be mixed with other types of ink, to avoid any damage on the structure and performance of the ink  

2. The best printing environment temperature is 25℃, because the climate has a great influence on the ink of the product,  

3. Avoid sun exposure and store at low temperature.

4. Solidified by UV irradiation after printing, UV lamp power ≥80W/CM  

Offset UV Inks

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