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Overview of case coding machine

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Overview of case coding machine

Case coding machine is a software control, the use of non-contact mode on the product identification equipment. Case coding machine theory was invented in the late 1960s, until the 1970s did not produce the world's first commercial Case coding machine.


Here is the content list:

  • Classification of the principle of case coding machine

  • Application classification of case coding machine

  • The working principle of case coding machine


Classification of the principle of case coding machine

  • Continuous Ink-jet Printer technology

  • On Demand ink-jet technology (Drop On Demand)

On demand ink-jet technology is divided into three types of inkjet machine, piezoelectric ink-jet technology, pressure valve ink-jet technology, hot foaming ink-jet technology, each working principle is not the same.

TIJ for short, is the use of a film resistor, in the ink spray area will be less than 0.5% of the ink heating, forming a bubble. This bubble expands at an extremely fast rate (less than 10 microseconds), forcing the droplets of ink out of the nozzle. The bubble continues to grow for a few microseconds before vanishing back onto the resistor. When the bubble is gone, the ink of the nozzle retracts. The surface tension then creates suction.


Application classification of case coding machine

  • Small character ink-jet printer

  • Ink-jet printer is the use of ink charged deflection way to offset the ink point out of the normal flight path, shot to the surface of the work, the use of the charge to the ink drop control the position of each ink drop usually only vertical direction of the change, must be printed and nozzle relative movement, can form the information we want to print.

  • Large character ink-jet printer

  • High resolution ink-jet printer

  • Laser code jet printer

  • Heat transfer ink-jet printer

  • How heat transfer works: each print head has a row of heating elements; These elements are protected by a glaze (a thin, glassy layer) and are driven and heated at the appropriate time; The heat generated by these elements melts the ink from the ribbon and transfers the ink to the substrate due to the pressure of air pressure. Only the words of the heat transfer printer are not typed independently, and can be printed. The fastest printer in the world can print at 600MM per second.


The working principle of case coding machine

Spurt the code machine is to use the charged particles of ink, the principle of deflection is composed of high voltage electric field, in all sorts of objects on the surface spray printed text and digital design, is a set of mechanical and electrical integration of high-tech products Pharmaceutical industry cosmetics products are widely used in food industry automobile parts processing industry such as aluminium wire and cable industry pipe industry, tobacco industry and other fields It can be used for printing the production date, batch number, bar code, trademark pattern, anti-counterfeiting mark and Chinese words. It is a powerful equipment for implementing the health law and promoting the modernization of packaging.




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