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Sino-Pack International Packaging Industry Exhibition

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Sino-Pack International Packaging Industry Exhibition

The 4th March 2021 International Packaging Industry Exhibition,arrived as expected, with various well-known brands gathering in Guangzhou. Sino-Pack China International Packaging Industry Exhibition, attracts tens of thousands of industry professionals from home and abroad to participate in , negotiate work, promote cooperation, create business opportunities, and it was an important commercial platform for packaging industry nationwide. It’s worth to say that Ricoh , in long cooperation with us ,was coming to negotiate future cooperation for being mutual benefit.

 In order to interact with customers,we create high-quality and professional products,we participate in Sino-Pack with UVLED digital rolling labels series,TIJ series and continuous bulk ink system and so on.At the exhibition site,for attaining mutual cooperation and win-win,we communicate with each other, discuss machines, negotiate more details.Danmajet with a dazzling new brand image, win-win cooperation policies to shake up the package industry again.

Thank you for coming, the rapid development of danmajet cannot be achieved without your long-term attention and support. The same grateful to our partners for our win-win cooperation!

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