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The basic concepts of DOD UV ink-jet printer

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The basic concepts of DOD UV ink-jet printer

Ink-jet printing technology is also known as contactless printing, speed and printing quality are the most critical considerations CIJ technology and DOD technology are from the computer to the printing medium processing process, neither of which requires a printing press; However, the two will ink to the role of the medium is completely different.


Here is the content list:

  • The concept of DOD

  • The application industry of DOD UV ink-jet printer

  • Industry technology of DOD UV printer


The concept of DOD

DOD is the abbreviation of "Drop on Demand" ink-jet technology, which is slowly replacing CIJ ink-jet due to its high accuracy and increasing speed Industrial on-demand ink supply system sprinkler head is composed of a number of high precision valves, in the spray word, the font corresponding to the valve quickly open and close, the ink depends on internal constant pressure ejection, in the movement of the surface to form a character or graphics a digital signal on the paper is a drop of ink, rather than a flow of ink The latest DOD nozzle, color on the paper with a more accurate site collection form, and the traditional offset printing more approximation So the quality is the most important factors of high precision printing four color, DOD is the most ideal choice, it can produce the result that is close to photographic quality printing speed of DOD in optimizing the DOD USES include wide printing and packaging color icon However, in the industrial packaging industry, due to the printing speed limit, can not be applied to the high-speed packaging assembly line. Many companies are developing high-speed DOD printing equipment for packaging purposes.


The application industry of DOD UV ink-jet printer

It can be widely used in screen printing special printing industry, gift processing industry, signage industry, decoration industry, personalized printing industry, decoration industry, upholstery glass industry, furniture sliding door industry, signage industry, exhibition industry, hard cardboard packaging industry, leather textile industry, etc.

Industry technology of DOD UV printer

The full color image of UV printer is completed at one time, the gradient color completely achieves the photo effect, the positioning is accurate, the reject rate is zero, which saves a lot of manpower and material resources.

UV printer realizes the true plateless printing, sheet and batch processing cost consistent, you can economically and efficiently complete the short version of the live piece, help you increase more business opportunities and profits. Complements the traditional screen printing process, not only for small print live parts, can also be used for proofing or simulation of the image effect, customers can choose the most suitable technology from a variety of processes. The design and production process is simple, and even can be operated by a single person to meet the customer's immediate and desirable delivery needs.

  • UV printer with higher accuracy:

The device adopts Epson's brand-new original micro piezoelectric nozzle imported from Japan. The micro piezoelectric ink-jet technology is a patented technology developed by Seiko Epson. It will be many tiny piezoelectric ceramic placed near to the print head nozzles, piezoelectric ceramic under the effect of voltage change on both ends with stretch or shrink deformation characteristics, as the image information on the voltage to the piezoelectric ceramic, piezoelectric ceramic stretching vibration will with voltage changing image information, and to make the ink nozzle under the stable state of atmospheric pressure, The size and blending mode of the ink drops can be controlled effectively, and the ink can be ejected evenly and accurately, so as to obtain the high-precision and high-resolution image color printing and output, and reduce the consumption of ink.

If you want to know more about UV curving high speed UV DOD digital inkjet printer, please contact us! We are very willing to assist you!



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