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The overview of 2d codes printer

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The overview of 2d codes printer

Bar code printer is a kind of special printers, bar code printers, and the biggest difference is that of ordinary printers, bar code printer to print is based on heat and carbon belt for print media (or directly use the thermal paper) finish printing, the printing way one of the biggest advantages compared with common print approach is that it can be realized in the case of unattended continuous high-speed printing. The printed content is generally the enterprise's brand identification, serial number identification, packaging identification, bar code identification, envelope label, clothing tag, etc.


Here is the content list:

What is 2d code?

Two-dimensional bar code is a series of graphical representations of Numbers or letters It is easy to print design, compact size, easy scanners to read bar code identification items, using a unique number, may link to the information in the database This allows the scan bar code, according to the scanning system works, according to the price the product description or medical patient information Unlike their one-dimensional counterparts, two-dimensional bar codes can store more information, mainly because they use a grid of points rather than a simple series of lines.


The advantages of 2d codes printer

In addition to the printing function of ordinary printer, it also has the advantages of:

  • Industrial quality, not limited by the amount of printing, can be 24 hours printing;

  • Not limited by printing materials, it can print PET, copperboard, thermal paper sticker labels, polyester, PVC and other synthetic materials and washing label fabrics.

  • The words and graphics printed by thermal transfer printing have anti-scratch effect. The printed products can also be waterproof, anti-fouling, anti-corrosion and high-temperature resistant by using special carbon tape printing.

  • It can print very fast, up to 10 inches (24 centimeters) per second;

  • Can print continuous serial number, connect to the database to print in batches;

  • Label paper is generally several hundred meters long, can reach thousands to tens of thousands of small labels; Label printer adopts continuous printing mode, easier to save and organize;

  • Not restricted by the working environment;

  • The longest single label can reach more than 120 cm.


The use of 2d codes printer

Before now, as the domestic Printer has gradually become popular with the decline in price, almost all production units abroad are equipped with a Label Bar code Printer (i.e., Label Printer and Bar code Printer) Printer), applied in product identification and other aspects, and most companies have bar code reader (SCANNER) and bar code data collector (inventory counting machine) and other auxiliary equipment of printers, forming the management mode of automatic bar code management of the company's internal management. Generally speaking, bar code printers are mainly divided into commercial and industrial types; Business model for small factory office jewelry industry and so on the occasion of the relatively small print runs, perform within 2000 day when use business model adopted by the mechanical structure of the main bar code label printer is given priority to with plastic components, there are considerable advantages in price.


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