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The overview of data base ink-jet printer

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The overview of data base ink-jet printer

The database is according to the data structure to organize the storage and management of data warehouse is long-term storage in the computer can be organized to share the unified management of a large number of data set. Ink-jet printing is printing by spraying small black or colored drops of ink onto the paper.


Here is the content list:

  • Concepts related to databases

  • Concepts related to ink-jet printer

  • The working principle of data base ink-jet printer

  • The application of data base ink-jet printer


Concepts related to databases

A database is to store the data warehouse Its storage space is very big, can hold one million Article ten million the hundreds of millions of data But the database will not casually data storage, there are certain rules, otherwise the query efficiency is low In today's world is a world filled with data of the Internet, filled with large amounts of data Namely the Internet world is data There are a lot of data source, such as travel record consumption of browsing web messages sent, and so on In addition to the text type of data, images, music sounds are all data.


Concepts related to ink-jet printer

The nozzle absorbs the probe reagent from the microporous plate and moves to the treated support. The liquid drops are sprayed onto the surface of the support by the power of the thermal or acoustically controlled injector. Small black or colored ink drops are sprayed onto the paper surface.


The working principle of data base ink-jet printer

Through the adoption of more nozzle and injection of the same area for many times, most of the ink-jet printer can output, high resolution images of the ink-jet printer may spit out cold or hot ink dry faster (hot), or to heat wax pigment ink (solid), liquefaction, and then spray out, depending on the specific manufacturer and printer model Due to low cost, easy to use, fast, ink-jet printer has become one of the most popular printer today, and many have entered the family But in the field of professional printing, people prefer the other printing technology This is because the ink-jet printing a good have not been able to solve problems: print the results can not be durable The pigments used in most ink-jet printers will deteriorate quickly, resulting in color migration, desalination, and ultimately deterioration of image quality. When printing, the nozzle keeps a certain distance from the surface of the supporting material, so it is also called contactless printing.


The application of data base ink-jet printer

Ink-jet printer is also known as universal printer UV flatbed printer UV inkjet printer, can be used in a very wide range; Its main application fields are: glass plate, metal plastic, stone, all kinds of signs, sliding door cabinet, sliding door, crystal, PVC, acrylic Leather and other surfaces for color photo printing, and without plate printing can be completed in one time, bright and rich color, wear resistance, UV protection, simple and convenient operation, fast printing image, fully in line with industrial printing standards.

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