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The overview of expiry date ink-jet printer

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The overview of expiry date ink-jet printer

Ink-jet technology is a method for precisely depositing liquid droplets in very thin layers. It was originally developed for the publishing industry and has text and image functions, but has become a popular method in the digital manufacture of electronic and mechanical equipment (especially jewelry) despite the terms jet ink-jet technology and ink-jet printing Usually used interchangeably, but ink-jet printing usually refers to the publishing industry for printed graphic content, while jet printing usually refers to general manufacturing by particle deposition.


Here is the content list:

The origin of ink-jet technology

The advantages of ink-jet printer

The concept of expiry date


The origin of ink-jet technology

Ink-jet printing is a type of computer printing that recreates digital images by spraying ink droplets onto paper and plastic substrates. Ink-jet printers are the most commonly used types of printers, ranging from small, inexpensive consumer models to expensive professional machines. The concept of ink-jet printing originated in the 20th century, and the technology was first widely developed in the early 1950s.

The advantages of ink-jet printer

Compared with the early consumer color printer,ink-jet printerhas many advantages compared with the impactor dot matrix printer or Daisy wheel printer, they run more quiet They can through the higher resolution print finer, more smooth details A photographic print quality consumer ink-jet printer has been widely used Compared to technologies such as hot wax, dye sublimation, and laser printing, ink-jet printers have the advantage of almost no warm-up time and generally lower cost per page. However, low cost laser printers may have lower cost per page.

For some ink-jet printers, monochrome ink sets are available from printer manufacturers or third-party vendors. These allow inkjet printers to compete with silver-based photographic paper traditionally used for black-and-white photography and offer the same range of tones: neutral, Warm or cold When switching between full-color and monochrome ink groups, it is necessary to use a cleaning box to flush the old ink from the print head usually requires specialized software or at least an improved device driver to handle the different color mappings Now, some types of industrial ink-jet printer can with high speed, wide format for printing, or can be used to sign from textile ceramic and 3-d printing to biomedical applications and a variety of industrial application of conductive circuit hardware.

The concept of expiry date

The period of validity is the period during which the quality can meet the specified requirements under the specified storage conditions.

With the development of a series of industries in such aspects as clothing, food, housing and transportation, the requirements of printing technology are also increasing day by day. In order to better adapt to the development of the industry and enable people to obtain higher profits, printing technology is also improving accordingly. In order to facilitate and facilitate production, printers aiming at the expiry date of products are also developed. It will mark and print the date according to the expiration date of the product. It provides convenience to consumers.

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