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The overview of serial number printer

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The overview of serial number printer

Serial number is also known as machine code, for the same item, generally for electronic products globally unique identification code is often used for anti-counterfeiting the biggest characteristic is unique. Serial number is an identification code software developers to the software, and the person's id card number, the main role is to prevent their own software user misappropriation users to use the software, you must know the serial number When user registration or purchase products generate a unique identification number, generally referred to as the machine code, also called authentication code registration code, etc.


Here is the content list:

General use of serial numbers

The working steps of serial number printer



General use of serial numbers

Serial numbers were used for identification of electronic devices during the period when information technology was widely used and the Internet of Things took initial shape. For the accuracy of identification, serial numberswere unique in the world. As early as the 20th century, serial numbers had been used for anti-counterfeiting activation and other operations of system software And in the era of mobile phones (mobile phones), a mobile phone often has at least one serial number.


The working steps of serial number printer

If there has been a good serial number bar code can be directly selected to connect the bar code printer to print the serial number bar code. If not, you can use the bar code printing software to make the bar code of the serial number, and then connect the bar code printer to print the bar code of the serial number. Next, let's see how to achieve it.

The first step, the bar code printer and computer connected, installed on the computer printer driver, so that the bar code printer can print normally.

The second step is to run the bar code printing software, create a new label, select the installed bar code printer, and then set the size and column of the label and other information, which needs to be set according to the actual paper in the bar code printer.

The third step, make a bar code, open the bar code properties, and select the bar code type.

The fourth step is to modify the bar code data in the data source, select the sequence generation, and make the bar code of the serial number.

The fifth step is to preview the column code produced in the barcode printing software.

The sixth step, with the bar code printer to print the serial number bar code. In the printing Settings of the bar code printing software, set the number of pages that need to be printed, select "printer" to print, and then you can see the barcode printer printing serial number bar code.

Serial number printer is the printing technology, coding technology, computer technology into a new printing system, it reflects the progress of technology and advanced science and technology, it provides great convenience for people's life, it creates conditions for the development of enterprises.

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