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The use of expiry date ink-jet printer

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The use of expiry date ink-jet printer

Ink-jet printers are characterized by their simple mechanism and do not require preparation of program blocks such as offset printing, and do not require thermal setting. For example, electrophotography used in photocopiers and laser printers does not require flattening of the printing media as other types of printers do because they are direct ink injection systems. Most ink-jet printers use pigments that deteriorate quickly, resulting in color migration, fading, and ultimately deteriorating image quality.


Here is the content list:

The characteristics of data ink-jet printer

The storage function of data ink-jet printer

The diversification of jet printing function

The advantages of using it


The characteristics of data ink-jet printer

1. Unique ink viscosity detection and accurate control software:

2. Automatic cleaning function, switch machine automatic cleaning, effectively prevent blockage to the maximum extent:

3. The phase checking circuit and software are unique, which can ensure the printing quality in various environments:

4. The main parts of the machine are imported parts, which improves the high stability. Automatic detection and adjustment of machine operation, automatic closed operation:

5. Use low cost and low material consumption. The machine ink design is simple, so that the retention of monhamus road design to the minimum value: automatic cleaning so that easy to use consumption rate to achieve the best state of ink; closed system to greatly reduce interference, the use of imported double pump ink, ink utilization rate of more than 90%.

The storage function of data ink-jet printer

Strong storage function: 2000 cs have two models in both English and Chinese, Chinese version has 8 m super memory, first and second class 7500 commonly used Chinese characters, built-in 500 print information, available for users to call, powerful editing function, support Chinese pinyin input method, graphic editing, etc., easy to learn.


The diversification of jet printing function

Spray print function diversification:
1) Sequence number, batch number, number, counting and printing products;
2) Date arrangement, real-time clock automatically change the display and printing;
3) Inverted font printing;
4) Character widening bold 1-9 times select print;
5) The font height, width adjustable


The advantages of using it

1. Professional software control ensure the steady operation of the machine for a long time
2.Unique 34 lattice design can meet the requirement of different customers for the identification
3.It has complete function of the graphic on-line editing.
4.It’s plug and play device with automatic spinning ink system,and does not need to replace the ink tank.
5.Support the database transaction,can constitute an automatic identification system with other electrical device. 
6.Can do OEM according to different customers’ printing requirements
7.Drop-down menu, user-friendly control

With the rapid development of science and technology, packaging printing technology is constantly combined with emerging science and technology and marginal disciplines, and innovation and breakthrough are made in strategic high-tech fields. Many new technologies, such as electrostatic printing, ink-jet printing and digital printing technology, have emerged. At the same time from today's printing technology development trend, China's printing machine manufacturing technology is fast to a high degree of automation, linkage, intelligence, digitalization, networking and multi-color multi-function direction development.

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